Jallo Tijaniyya Council Installs GaDangme Chief Iman for Greater Accra

The Founder and Director of the Ga Dangme Muslim Council, Sultan Ahmed Nii Nortey Tetteh Caesar, has urged Muslims especially GaDangme Muslims to see themselves as one people to foster unity among themselves for the nation’s socioeconomic development.

According to him “Allah created us to be one people for peaceful coexistence between each other”.

Sultan Ahmed Nii Nortey Tetteh Caesar said this during the coronation of Alhaji Ibrahim Tijani Mensah as the GaDangme Tijaniyya Chief Imam Jallo .Muslim Council of the Greater Accra Region at La in Accra. The colorful ceremony was attended by chief, opinion leaders, imams and Islamic scholars among others.

Speaking at the ceremony, Sultan Ahmed Nii Nortey Tetteh Caesar expressed displeasure over the way GaDangme Muslims stayed silent in all sectors of the Ghanaian Muslim communities.

He said no one or group or tribe owns a franchise to Islam and as such the GaDangme Muslim Council will not tolerate any disrespect on their land.

He also urged the newly installed Tijaniyya Muslim Council Chief Imam, Alhaji Ibrahim Leetei Mensah to be submissive to his leaders and people under him adding that he should do away with arrogance and pride which can cause his downfall.
Sultan Ahmed Nii Nortey Tetteh Caesar encouraged him to always seek the face of Allah and have faith in him in all endeavors.

The Spiritual Leader of the Tijaniyya Muslim Council of Ghana, Sheikh Abul-Faidi Abdulai Ahmed Maikano Jallo, entreated Muslim leaders to avoid shameful acts in the discharge of their duties.

He noted that such shameful and disgraceful acts destroy leadership and do not bring honor to Allah.

He called on Muslim youth to let the fear of Allah guide them and to eschew any form of evil and violence which can result in war.

The newly installed Tijaniyya Muslim Council Chief Imam, Alhaji Ibrahim Tijani Mensah, expressed gratitude to the national leadership of the Tijaniyya Muslim Council and all GaDangme Muslims for the honor done him and called on GaDangmes to contribute to the development of the cultural heritage of the people.

He appealed to all Muslims to live in peace with their fellow Muslims and people of other religious faiths to foster unity among them.

He called on the Ga Dangme Muslim Council to ensure that justice is served to all children of Allah.

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