Suspected LGBTQ+ Practitioner Beaten To Pulp

In another attack against the LGBTQI+ community, a young man named given only as Sufyan has been severely beaten by the youth of Ahodwo, a suburb of Kumasi in the Ashanti Region of Ghana.

The violent attack occurred when Sufyan, who is alleged to be a secret LGBTQ+ practitioner was caught with his partner doing it in the closet.

According to an eye witness, who happens to be Sufyan’s uncle, caught them red handed and blew the alarm.

Sufyan was subjected to severe beatings by the community youth and all efforts to trace his partner proved futile.

The attack was very violent and inhumane due to how he was dragged from the closet and  publicly  disgraced by the youth who had sworn to punish anyone found to be a gay or supports gay practice.

Our source further explained that the youth numbering about twenty used sticks and clubs to punish the victim who was said to be under surveillance for some time now

The uncle further added that “we were all surprised at the incidence because we never expected Sufyan to be a homosexual because of his simple and respectful lifestyle in the community”.

Further information gathered indicate that Sufyan was tied with ropes ready to be executed when his brother came to his rescue and managed to escape to an unknown location.

The reporter also gathered that a section of the Christian community condemned the act of punishment meted out at Sufyan but couldn’t come to his aid for the fear of their lives.

All attempts made by this reporter to speak to  a member of the youth group or Sufyan, household proved futile because everybody was tight lipped on the matter.

LGBTQ+  practice is becoming common amongst the youth of Ghana which is seriously being fought against by community leaders and youth groups across the country.

There is currently an Anti-Gay Bill before the nation’s parliament waiting to be debated by members of the house and other stakeholders.

Many Christians and Muslim organization such as the Charismatic Christian Church and Alhul Sunna Community of Ghana have publicly condemn LGBTQ+ practice in the country.

Source: News Desk

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