NDC’s dark and grievous deeds revisited

Former President John Mahama has categorically stated in the past that Ghanaians have a short memory.

If he were not depending on this presumption and keeping it to heart as his article of faith, he wouldn’t have attempted to show his face here to contest this forthcoming election.

He is depending on the supposed general amnesia of the people to forget about his record of corruption and incompetence and to shoo him to the corridors of power again.
He should ask himself all for doing exactly what when he was President of Ghana.

We Ghanaians may appear to him to be lobotomized idiots….People with too much grace and dignity to settle scores. And so in the end, there are those who will mistake our virtues for folly. But forgetfulness is not a thing with our people. Besides, four years is too short to forget so much. And that is why we will remember him and his NDC’s dark and grievous deeds.

Of course, we will remember everything. We well remember the dark and grievous deeds of this NDC government for which we voted it massively out of the office on Wednesday, December 07, 2016.

We well remember how it connived and condoned corruption through Ponzi schemes like GYEEDA and SADA; through judgments debts like that of Woyome, and through its wholesale and blatant acceptance of bribes and the offer of same to others!

We well remember its misuse and abuse of public funds for personal use, its opulent consumption of the public resources, and its crass and impudent demonstration of nonchalance in all conceivable immorality and evils within the corridors of government.

We also remember that the NDC government amassed unprecedented national debts as a burden upon this country, and upon the posterity yet unborn, and only constructed for-show infrastructure with just an infinitesimal fraction of these astronomical loans! We also remember that the culture of governmental decency and acceptable practices in public office were all thrown out of the window; and there was no pretext at all that the nation was being plundered and indeed raped and utterly destroyed.

Thus, there was no hope that anything was ever going to change as long as the NDC remained in government! That is why the people masticated it and regurgitated it and rejected it. The people will do the same again on December 07, 2020, because we will remember!

When a nation and its resources are thus mortgaged by its own government as in the era of the NDC, and the dreams of the people are thus defenestrated to the ennui of the four winds, then logic and common sense dictate that it is time for us as a people to rise up and wrestle, as before, the instruments of government from the hands of the NDC oppressors, from the hands of those who have called into question our intelligence and insulted us as having a short memory, and from the hands of those who scattered our dreams on to the trash heap of passive existence.

We were hitherto very patient indeed with this NDC government; patient about the way in which we were used and abused; patient in the way in which we were sold down the river, and in the way in which we were treated as unthinking, unseeing, unfeeling and undisturbed whereas the rape and plundering of our resources continued unchecked, unceasingly, uncorrected and unhampered. At the acme of the NDC’s incompetence, there were rumors of slay queens and other corrupt apparatchiks being handed mansions, luxury cars and gold bars.

And so the time came for us to change our destiny, and to elect a responsible government of the people: A government to lead in the ways that the founders envisioned for this country…….

The NPP government had the dream to transform this country’s economy, to provide jobs for the mass of the people, to improve our educational goals and outcomes, to strengthen the National Health Insurance Scheme, to restore the teacher’s and nurses training allowances, to timely pay all those government workers employed and yet unpaid, to bring to a permanent end electricity fluctuations, to preserve the national resources to improve infrastructure, build roads, hospitals, recreational facilities, industrial complexes…..and to give full meaning to the pride and dignity of the people.

That is what the NPP government has achieved and will continue to achieve.
The NPP government has engineered development right at our doorsteps by focusing on infrastructural development in the rural areas, expanding access to water and electricity resources, and constructing good roads deep into the hinterlands. The NPP government has paid fair wages to workers and fair prices to farmers for their agricultural produce.

The NPP government has provided free and fair SHS educational opportunities for all the people of this country, making it possible for every family to tout a well-educated member. The NPP government has also stemmed the tide of corruption and cronyism and ethnocentrism which was the stock in trade of the NDC government.

The NPP government is a disciplined and visionary government that continues in its effort to ensure that every Ghanaian everywhere has the opportunity for a happy and productive life, for the acquisition of adequate education and adequate resources to pursue a life of meaningful satisfaction and a life of peaceful prosperity.

For all the above and more, we are urging each and every one of our fellow countrymen and women, in the name of the Almighty God, to cast your vote for the New Patriotic Party to establish an enduring government under Nana Akufo-Addo who we know to be a man of extreme honesty and principles, a man with the full faith and conviction that Ghana can become greater yet again, that this nation, founded under the sweat and toil of the forebears, still has her best days and times ahead of her…….

Nana Akufo-Addo is a man of great vision and extraordinary knowledge and intellect who has prepared himself for the great responsibility of leading this country into prosperity and wellbeing.

He has a history of great acumen as a lawyer, having trained many to become lawyers. He has the competence of eloquence, having spoken and led in great debates across the international setting. He has displayed knowledge in diplomacy, having been a Foreign Minister for this country and led in negotiations for this country. Wherever Nana Akufo-Addo has been, he has ennobled this country and earned it great respect from friends and foes.

What he has achieved as a man for all seasons, he has put at the disposal of this country to right all the wrongs of the NDC government:

To stem the sewage of mass corruption, to stall the decline in the economy, to terminate frivolous judgment debts, to stem bribery in government, to multiply our infrastructure and to bring it to par with international standards, to initiate legislation for the protection of the environment and for the protection of our natural resources, to bring into the country proper schemes and efficient systems whereby every man, woman, child, and citizen will have the opportunity to develop his or her potential to the limit as they are endowed by God, and to create a society wherein the government will be subservient to the wishes and interests of the people: to listen to the people, to respect the people, to seek guidance from the people and to adhere to the sovereignty of the people.

The NPP government, under the staunch leadership of Nana Akufo-Addo, will continue to deliver its mandate to the people.

Therefore, on Monday, December 07, 2020, Ghanaians will once again have the clear opportunity for the rebirth of our nation; or another opportunity to pile up the near-decade of NDC rot in the country. We will have the opportunity to continue to drain the swamp of corruption and of incompetence, or let it pile up in the nation and lead it to the way of destruction; the opportunity to allow the suffocation of the country under the watch of the NDC government, or to effectuate the re-infusion of new oxygen into her life.

Ghanaians will have the singular opportunity again to sweep all the NDC’s rot and incompetence and stark ineptitude from the corridors of power forever, and to continue on to the path of great progress and prosperity.

Carpe diem!!! We must seize the day again and turn around our destiny, people! We must vote for Nana Akufo-Addo and the NPP. We must wrestle the nation from the claws of those demonic NDC forces bent on its total destruction, from the talons of those who overstayed their welcome and were kicked out, and who, in mellifluous albeit fake voices, promise us the empty wind and seek to offer us the vacuous whirlwind.

If we do this on Monday…. or when we do this every election time, we would have, in one fell swoop, defended and protected our country from grave harm, and given it a new lease of life again and again, from those destroyers in government who appeared on the horizon via a coup d’etat……… We would have affirmed once more in a clear and distinct tone, that to this country forever belong our hearts, our minds, our love, and our eternal duty and honour.

Columnist: Samuel Adjei Sarfo

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