Change mode of appointing EC chair – Prof Albert Puni

Governance Expert, Professor Albert Puni has called for a change in the way Chairpersons of the Electoral Commission (EC) and the other commissioners are appointed in Ghana.

He said the current status quo where the president appoints the commissioners creates an impression that they become subject of control by the head of state, a situation he said, reduces public confidence in the body.

Professor Albert Puni said in an interview on 3FM Sunrise Morning Show Tuesday, December 15 that “the appointment of this office by the president makes the opposition parties suspicious of the electoral commission’s duty”.

He added “The incumbent is always supportive of the Electoral Commission because they need to protect that institution but the opposition or minority always say that no you are in bed with the Electoral Commission. So it tells us that the parties are always suspicious of the referee.”

His comments come on the heels of the rejection of the results of the 2020 general elections by the main opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC).

The presidential candidate of the NDC John Dramani Mahama said the Chair of EC Jean Mensa who was appointed by President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo, was incompetent in handling the just-ended presidential and parliamentary elections.

He said proper computation of the figures that were announced by the Commission that made President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo the president-elect did not add up, hence the need to audit the numbers again.

After the announcement of the results by the Chair of the Commission, Mr Mahama indicated that the party will not accept the results of the polls because in their view, the elections management body manipulated the figures in favour of the governing New Patriotic Party (NPP).

Addressing the nation on Thursday, December 11, the presidential candidate of the NDC said “The facts and figures on the pink sheets available to us indicate that numerous steps have been taken to manipulate the elections in favour of the incumbent.

“This calls into question the credibility of one of our most important institutional pillars of democracy, the Electoral Commission.”

“It is now obvious to many objective minds that the Commission and its chairperson have been used to manipulate results from the various constituencies and in that process seek to subvert the sovereign will of the Ghana people.”

He added “Since the inception of the Fourth Republic, final election results have always been declared within a 72-hour period to allow for thorough and diligence collation.

“Surprisingly, this Electoral Commission chairperson announced quite suspiciously for reasons known to her a hurried 24-hour deadline which as we all know could not and would not be met.”

“The Chairperson of the EC in less than 24 hours after her declaration has admitted that she made unacceptable errors which go to the heart of the entire electoral process and cast deep doubt on the credibility of the announced outcome.”

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