85% of Ghanaian bloggers are pirates, defamers – Bnoskka

Creative arts business and intellectual property consultant Bnoskka has come hard on some Ghanaian bloggers.

The copyright expert in an interview with Eddie Ray on the hottest Kasapa Entertainment show stated

“85% are pirates, they copy other writers works word for word without permission, secondly they give deceptive captions for traffic, thirdly they write stories that defame characters”

Bnoskka advised them to desist from these acts as they go a long way to destroy the industry and can also land many of these bloggers into trouble when legal actions are taken.

Most bloggers and writers are being put at the risk of losing their search engine rankings and page rank when people copy their blog contents.

In many cases, copied content from another blog will first get indexed into Google and in those cases your content becomes duplicate.

Source: kasapafm

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