Gbevlo-Lartey shoots down Kennedy Agyapong’s claims

Lt. Col. Larry Gbevlo-Lartey, has shot down claims by Assin Central Member of Parliament of threatening the peace of Ghana.

Kennedy Agyapong on his Net2 TV, told Colonel Gbevlo-Lartey to desist from any action that would undermine the peace of the country.

He said he has a leaked audio recording of Gbevlo-Lartey, allegedly planning to disturb the country’s peace, but he and the NPP will not sit aloof and watch the NDC plunge the country into a state of chaos.

“Try anything funny in this country, and let’s see who dies first”, warned the MP who makes wild claims on radio and goes unchallenged.

But in a post on Facebook addressing the issues with regards to the alleged leaked audio and claims by Kennedy Agyapong that he (Gbevlo Lartey) wants to plunge the country into turmoil, he rubbished the claim, insisting that, that is not his style, rather he believes in constitutional procedures.

The lawyer, who served as the National Security Coordinator under the National Democratic Congress (NDC) government, is the director of operations for the John Mahama 2020 campaign.

The ex-Commander of the 64th Infantry Battalion of the Ghana Armed Forces, insisted he believes in following constitutional means of seeking justice, and that is what the NDC is seeking to do in their contest against the stolen verdict.

He denied knowledge of the said audio, saying “Mischief! For the avoidance of any doubt, I have not put out any voice clip. That mischievous voice clip making the rounds with someone singing and threatening is not me. That is not me, absolutely not my style, not my posture and not my choice of words”.

“In any case, I sing better than that. My commitment to contribute to ensuring that the elections are not stolen by any of the contending parties has better and honourable ways of expression in accordance with the law. Fairness and credibility in Sene West, Techiman South, Sefwi Wiawso, Esikado- Ketan etc on my mind. We have come such a long way not to be cowed or petrified by any threats – a citizen and not a spectator,” he added.

Kennedy Agyapong, father of 21 kids, has a contempt case hanging on his neck for using his TV platform to insult and threaten a judge on a land case in which he has an interest.

After weeks of dodging appearance in court, he finally popped up with a medical excuse, claiming he had suffered COVID-19 complications almost three months after announcing he had been cured of the virus he contracted at his 60th birthday party.

The Supreme Court, was later to take off the judge sitting on the contempt case, but with a directive to the High Court registrar that the case be assigned to another judge to handle, but this has not been done.

He is on record to have used the same Net2 platform to issue threat against a journalist of Anas Aremeyaw’s Tiger Eye by name Ahmed Hussain Suale, following the airing of the Number 12 documentary on the Ghana Football Association (GAF) in which he – Kennedy Agyapong was mentioned.

Days after the threat and the display of Suale pictures, the father of two young kids, was assassinated in cold blood at Madina.His killers have till date not been arrested.

There are several instances of Mr Agyapong, resorting to spurious claims to implicate innocent people.

Soldiers, police, lawyers, judges, politicians and businessmen and even ordinary citizens, including women have not escaped his wild allegations.

Senior Police Officer and CID boss, Bright Oduro, was seen crying on TV, as a result of Kennedy Agyapong‘s claims that he was involved in land guards issues, and this led to his removal from office.

John Mahama and his brother, Ibrahim Mahama, have not escaped his vitriolic comments either.

Even the mothers of some of his kids have not known peace, and years after their love affairs with him collapsed, he had on occasions referred to them in very derogatory words.

The likes of Dr. Stephen Kwabena Opuni, a respected bone Surgeon, has not been spared, even without any provocation.

He once threatened to release entertainment figure, Afia Schwarzenegger‘s naked pictures and within hours the pictures emerged on social media.

Kweku Baako is currently in court with him over his claim that the veteran journalist was involved in illegal mining, destruction of the forest cover and the pollution of drinking water in part of the country; a claim he could not substantiate in court.

He has many times claimed he knows most illegal drug traffickers in Ghana, but insists he doesn’t do drugs, yet he has not reported any one of them to the authorities.

He covers his friends holding government appointments even in cases of visible irregularities.

A case in point is the sacked Ghana Maritime Authority (GMA) boss, Kwame Owusu, who installed 13 air conditioners in his state bungalow and also awarded catering jobs to his private hotel among other infractions of the public procurement laws.

In private, Kennedy Agyapong, brags about how he picks on people to get government contracts, as well as demand payments for these supply contracts which are mostly awarded to him without competitive tender.

His wife, Stella Wilson, is on record to have creamed lots of electric supplies contracts running into millions of dollars at Ministry of Energy under Kufuor government, as well as the Akufo-Addo government under COCOBOD.

Interestingly, ex-President Kufuor, Kwadwo Mpiani, Richard Anane and many others, have not escaped his poisonous words, even after being generous to him in the past.

Source: The Herald

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