Concerned citizens of Hohoe want EC to nullify parliamentary poll results

Some concerned citizens in the Hohoe constituency of the Volta Region, have petitioned the Electoral Commission (EC) to declare the results of the constituency’s parliamentary elections of the December 7 polls in which Energy Minister John Peter Amewu was declared winner, invalid.

The petitioners, Paul Dzamboe and Godfred Osei, are also calling on the EC to conduct fresh elections in the constituency

In their petition dated Sunday, 20 December 2020, the petitioners described what happened on the 6th and 7th December 2020 in the Hohoe constituency, as “ultra vires, unlawful and unconstitutional.”

The concerned citizens stated that “Hohoe Constituency, which used to be Hohoe North, is the creature of a statute and has electoral areas in Gbi, Alavanyo, Fodome, Wli, Gbledi Santrokofi, Akpafu, Lolobi and Likpe traditional areas.

“That, as a result of the creation of Oti Region and subsequent creation of Guan District (Santrokofi, Akpafu, Lolobi and Likpe SALL), the Electoral Commission of Ghana gave a directive that the people of Santrokofi, Akpafu, Lolobi and Likpe (SALL) should not vote in the parliamentary election in the Hohoe Constituency on December 7.”

According to the petitioners, “the people of SALL were not allowed to vote in the parliamentary election in the Hohoe constituency which they are by law part of.”

They stated that the EC’s “directive is unlawful and not backed by any law” emphasising that the “Hohoe Constituency is a creature of statute and not created by mere words or directive of the Electoral Commission.”

The citizens continued: “Hohoe Constituency by law has 30 electoral areas which are as follows: Ahado, Tseivi/Adabraka, Tokoni/Trevi, Tokonu/Blave, Gbi – Bla, Gbi – Abansi, Gbi – Kpeme, Gbi – Wegbe, Kledzo/Atabu, Alavanyo Kpeme, Alavanyo Abehenease, Alavakpo Wududi, Agome/Dzogbedze, Akpafu – Odomi, Akpafu Mempeasem, Akpafu – Todzi, Adokor/Sokpo, Santrokofi – Gbordome, Santrokofi – Benua, Lolobi Kumasi, Lolobi Hunyeasem, Likpe Mate, Likpe Bala, Likpe Bakwa, Likpe Agbozume/Koforidua, Abrani/Kukurantumi, Fodome – Helu, Fodome – Amele, Wli – Afegame and Gbledi/Chebi.”

They further continued that, “by the directive of the EC on the eve of the December 7 general elections dated 6th day of December 2020, the Electoral Commission has impliedly and effectively reviewed the boundaries of Hohoe constituency without parliamentary approval or any law backing it.”

It reminded the EC that, though “independent” it had no “power or authority to review the boundaries of Hohoe constituency with a stroke of a pen or by words.”

The petitioners also noted that: “Whatever election happened in Hohoe constituency on December 7 to elect John Peter Amewu is null and void and of no effect.

“That since there is no law backing the so-called new Hohoe constituency; we hold the view that John Peter Amewu is not validly elected as Member of Parliament for Hohoe constituency.”

They, therefore, want “The parliamentary election held on December 7 in Hohoe constituency without SALL be annulled,” the concerned citizens petitioned the EC.

They further want the EC to conduct “a fresh election in Hohoe constituency to include all the 30 electoral areas or in the alternative, the EC must take immediate steps to create the new Hohoe Constituency and Guan Constituency and conduct parliamentary election in the two constituencies before January 7, 2021.”

They added that: “Chairpersons of the Electoral Commission, the two deputies and other members of the Commission must resign for gross incompetence.”

Mr Amewu polled 26,952 votes to beat the main opposition National Democratic Congress’ (NDC) Margaret Kweku, who polled 21,821 votes.

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