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Imagine being so tired after a long day of opening and replying to emails from customers. You’ve just finished replying to your 20th inquiry from a customer on WhatsApp Business. You finally get to breathe and take a refreshing shower to cool off. It’s past midnight and you just can’t wait to get some good sleep. Just when you’re about to settle in bed, you hear another, ‘beep!’. Three more WhatsApp notifications light up your screen. You wish it were that weird salesman John so you can ignore his attempts to sell you another fake brand or a goodnight message from bae/boo, but alas! Three new inquiries from three new customers! You’re really not smiling at this point. You’re worn out and tired. What you need right now is a good night’s sleep!

Wait, shouldn’t you be happy more customers are messaging you?

Yes, but having to keep answering the same old questions with the same old answers even to new people can get pretty annoying sometimes. Thankfully, you don’t need to have such an experience like that again. It is a thing of the past now. All thanks to WhatsApp Chatbots!

What are WhatsApp Chatbots?
They are simple computer programs (self-service agents) designed to allow humans to interact with your business using Natural Language Processing. In other words, they are a piece of computer software that lets people chat with it on WhatsApp and addresses customer inquiries 24/7, aid customers with purchases etc, using responses previously loaded onto its system.

So wait, you mean to tell me that it is possible to build a chatbot for WhatsApp?

Yes. Think of it like the same way you can use a chatbot on Facebook Messenger. A WhatsApp Chatbot will recognize and answer frequently asked questions related to your business, and even with questions it is unable to answer, it can easily transfer to a human agent.

How is it useful anyway?

Just as mentioned above, because it is automated, it relieves you of the burden of constantly manually responding to your customers with recurring questions. It saves you time to attend to other equally important matters.

No more painful interruption of your beauty sleep! (What a relief, huh?)

But more importantly, Whatsapp chatbots can operate 24/7. That means even at times you or your staff are unable to respond immediately to some customer inquiries, they will still have the answers to the basic questions to help inform their buying decision.

In short, your business will benefit from having a WhatsApp chatbot because:

It speeds up the sales process due to its 24-7 responsive capabilities.
It frees up some time for you to attend to other important matters.
It can vastly improve customer service due to its automated nature earning you lots more in sales.

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The best part?

You don’t need any coding skills! To top it off, you get quality customer support to help you whenever you have an issue or request and we will gladly assist you.

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By : Ronald Tagoe
Chatbots Ghana

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