NPP ‘sponsored attacks’ on journalists alarming

The incessant attacks on journalists by the NPP government’s defenders on social media is alarming and getting out of hands as some veteran journalists and notable personalities in the country have shared worry.

The attacks not limited to only social media, but involves some brutality when the journalist is made out.

Some of the strategic attacks are deployed by using state assets and security forces which includes the use of party foot soldiers clothed in national security verses to manhandle journalist who is critical about the Akufo Addo-Bawunia led administration.

Most recent critical example can be cited of Caleb Kudah who had his share of brutality by same national security operatives just because he video some vehicle alleged to belong to Masloc at their secretariat.

Many journalists close to expressed fear of their lives under this current administration.

“We see something and we can’t speak against it because the next day you will be picked up by the security agents and be subjected to torture”, a journalist said.

A senior journalist (name with held) also has this to say ” we have not experienced any fear under any government than this Akufo Addo’s, not even military rule can be compared to this government”.

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