JAY-Z And Nas Talk Money & Growth In DJ Khaled’s “Sorry Not Sorry” Video

“Here ye, here ye, only kings stand near me, Silicon Valley money mixed with Henny, that’s a Fendi…” are the opening lines by rapper Nas against the lush musical soundwaves of piano keys splashing against his vocals for DJ Khaled mega single, “Sorry Not Sorry,” also featuring the billion-dollar don, JAY-Z. The reason for the regal joining of the titans of rap and retail? It’s for Khaled’s 12th studio album (yep, he made 12 of these joints), Khaled Khaled, that dropped today (April 30th).

“Sorry, that’s another B, haters still ain’t recover from the other B…um, that’s a double B, nah that’s a triple B, can’t forget about the other B, (Heeeey *smooth Beyoncé vocal*)…” rapped JAY-Z as he opens his verse in a similar money marksman’s style. As always, addressing the haters and letting those know that he’s down for the fuckery, respectfully.

It’s a true joy to see the once rivals, now close friends, link up for what will be argued as their best verse for verse collaboration of the handful of official tracks they have shared together. This track not only speaks of the material and monetary wealth, but the riches of seeing life with a clearer lens than their days of old. Both being project housing bred, Jay from Brooklyn’s Marcy Projects and Nas of Queens’ Queensbridge Houses, they know the struggle of the streets, verses talent, verses D’evils that try to stop forward progression. Glad it was addressed directly and creatively, as the double entendres and metaphors will make your head spin (“…I like who I’ve become, intermittent fasting but these meals/mills I’m not missing none.”-Hov and Nas with: “A winner in life, fuck a coin toss, I’m Coinbase, basically cryptocurrency Scarface”).

Let’s salute the collabo king in DJ Khaled for getting the royalty of rap together one more time while having the very Casino film after dark-esque video, directed by the goat visualizer, Hype Williams. Nothing like seeing the greats come out to play, talk their sh*t, and inspire the masses again. DJ Khaled truly has another one with this here mogul music.

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