Police Commander Accused of Meddling into Chieftancy Dispute

District Police Commander at the South Tongue District of the Volta Region, DSP Thomas Owuahene Acheampong has been accused of taken sides in the on-going Sogakope chieftaincy dispute.

The youth alleged that the Sogakope Police Commander, Mr Owuahene Acheampong is backing the illegitimate chief, Freeman Atsugah Sogah II, chief of SogaKofe with force and acting in his instructions to perpetrate unlawful abuse of individuals who raise legitimate concerns about his legitimacy to the Soga stool.

DSP Owuahene Acheampong was initially noted to be neutral kn handling the issue but suddenly changed and going after anyone who opposes the illegitimacy of Freeman Sogah as chief of Sogakope.

On Friday May 22, 2021, the real Soga family have released a disclaimer distancing and refuting claims that they have installed a new chief as the successor to their stool since the demise of Togbe Avudzega Soga I.

The Soga family issued the statement with the suspicion that some unscrupulous persons are parading themselves out there as the Dufia of Sogakope.

Immediately after the release and subsequent announcement of the statement by the Divine Community Information Center, the Police invaded the centre to arrest Bali Wisdom Agbogah who carried out with the announcement, but for the intervention of some youth, the police could not whisked him away.

Sogakope police allegedly demanded Bali Wisdom Agbogah who reported himself to the police, yo produce the Soga family members and those who brought the statement to the information centre to be aired otherwise he would be dealt with for airing what they (police) described as false announcement.

Sela radio, Dabala and Dela Adidome aired the same announcement continuous for two straight days yet the Commander chose to ignore them and go after Bali Wisdom Agbogah.

The people of Sogakope could not fathom to understand why the police commander who is supposed to remain neutral appears to see the statement so injurious.

The police in the South Tongue District is fast losing its credibility due to its position in the on-going Sogakope chieftaincy dispute.

Source: thealhajj.com

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