Africa Media Gurus Meet In Accra for a Two Day Confab

Leaders of regional and national media organizations in Africa will begin a two- day conference in Accra tomorrow ( Tuesday) 1st June, 2021 .

It will discuss strategies to shape the media industry on the continent in response to the Covid 19 pandemic which has dealt a terrible blow to jobs and media sustainability.

The continental journalist leaders conference will also examine the worrisome erosion of media freedom in many countries in Africa and propose practical measures to reverse the trend.

The general precarious working conditions of journalists will receive priority attention. To this end, the conference will explore viable options to strengthen the bargaining capacity of journalist unions in Africa .

The conference is expected to come out with Accra Declaration which will articulate the future direction of journalism in Africa .

The President of FAJ, El- Sadig Ibrahim Ahmed Ibrahim and a representative of the African Union, Ambassador Ahmed Salah are already in Accra for the conference.

Affail Monney
Steering Committee Member,
Federación of African Journalists

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