Ridge Hospital in Kidney Theft….Victim’s Relative Alleges

A Ghanaian based United States citizen has accused the Greater Accra Regional Hospital, Ridge of involving in kidney theft of its patients.

In a video widely circulated on social media, the man reveals that main target are mostly the Muslims since they don’t take alcoholic drinks and have very strong and clean kidney.

He alleged that same was done to his relative, all her kidney removed by the doctors at the Ridge hospital and later passed on.

He said the new trend of business at the Ridge hospital in Accra is to remove kidney of patients mostly Muslims to trade for big money in South Africa.

He advised family members of patients on admition at various hospitals in Ghana especially the Ridge hospital to be their guard not to allow any surgical operation on their relatives because it could be a ploy to have their kidney remove for bater trade.

The Ghanaian based American explained that doctors at ridge would request to conduct a surgical operation on their patients when is not needed adding that “but for their selfish interest to have the kidney of such individuals who look very strong remove and send to their business partners in South Africa”.

Source: thealhajj.com

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