Remember the tale of the singing bird who will not listen to any advice from the tortoise through the climbing plant. Yes, it was the first to be shot dead, but it endangered the tortoise and the climbing plant. No one is an island.

My condolences to the families of these two individuals. May their souls rest in peace .

The level of impunity and bravado that is creeping up in robberies is worrying, and we are all not safe. Was the hawker involved in the transfer of the money? Certainly no, but like the tortoise hiding in its corner, was caught up in a stray bullet.

Last week, in broad day light and in-front of the police headquarters, robbers were bold to enter a forex bureau, robbed it, sat on a bike, shot their way through to escape.

As people, what will destroy us is hypocrisy. We saw this coming, but for whatever reason, we never confronted it when arms were being placed in wrong hands.

The peace and Christian councils will not listen to the voices calling for the prevention of “some people” being added to the national security.

They kept directing one side to disband it’s party security, when they knew, another party was training theirs with how to handle guns!!!

The media also followed up with their usual question, if the other side refuses to disband, what will you do? As if the nation belongs to the NDC and NPP.

The “innocent” citizen, the poor hawker, looking for daily bread, and not interested in the GDP growth or your inflation rate, gets caught up in such a messy situation.

Sadly, the mindset of our president is backward. Sees no evil, hears no evil and speaks no evil.

He believes that when a security operative is provoked, he can take action and beat anyone he chooses. The question now is, when an operative is hungry, what will he do ?

Hardships in the country doesn’t give anyone the right to kill or destroy another life. But leadership is everything .

Let’s save this country. Lets speak out, the impunity and hypocrisy are becoming too much. Murder in broad day lights? This isn’t the Ghana we knew

I am praying for the better days ahead, where widows and children will not cry because the state failed to act.

Kun fa Yakun

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