James Town Shooting: ILAPI Takes on Police Administration

A policy tink tank, Institute for Liberty and Policy Innovation (ILAPI) has taken a swipe at the Ghana Police Administration for not doing enough to protect young officers assigned for various duties.

According to ILAPI Ghana, the administration has choked itself with old retired officers refusing to pave way for new and young generation to bring fresh ideas to the table.

In a statement released in Accfa yesterday, the policy tink tank accused the government of reappointing its favourite into the service on contract basis.

Below is the full statement:

Press Statement
Institute for Liberty and Policy Innovation – ILAPI 15/06/21

Our condolence go to the promising young constable who lost his life yesterday in a broad day light robbery while escorting a Bullion Van with cash. May the God Lord fill the vacuum created in his family and grant him Peace.

It is also unfortunate, the presser from the Ghana Police Administration didn’t announced a bounty on the head of the perpetrators nor a message of condolences to the bereaved family. It’s an open secret that, our society today has lost passion to engage in pro-social volunteerism but anticipation for material and financial motivation or rewards. Hence the need to encourage individuals through all legimate means to volunteer valuable information to these regretable incident(s).

The presser also failed to tell the time and duration the incident took place. The seeming increasing state of insecurity provokes the need for elaborate account of events. However, we share with the police administration the pain and lost of one of their own.

We are aware that, escort duties for transportation of cash from financial institutions is charged, and we doubt whether it goes into the consolidated fund.
In our opinion, Conducting a forensic audit into that account will grant us an insight as to how monies in that account are disbursed and ensure its proper usage. Can that revenue be used to at least equip those engage in cash transportation escort duties?

If we are to solve these issues of insecurity, we should stop paying lips service to unemployment concerns. Again, employment figures are only falsified and thrown out for better political rating and not born out of genuine commitment to address the challenges of human security, for which livinglihood is a cardinal factor and a security threat, there would continue to be the occurrence of these incidents.

Besides that, we believe that the GPS needs to do more in other to draw parity with modern and innovative trends of taming crime.

This in our opinion includes a massive shake up in the service. We think that senior officers on contract must be disengaged. They have paid their dues, they must give way to fresh blood and ideas. Most of these officers are reengage not for their special expertise, but because they are loyalists to regimes. Their continues stay promotes apathy among “legitimate” servicing officers, because of mobility on the command hierarchy.

Remember, People would die with food in their stomachs than to die without food in their stomachs.

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