Ghana Muslim Accountants Inaugurated

Ghana Association of Muslim Accountants (GAMA) is a not for profit organisation set up to promote the tenets of Islamic teachings toward financial management in various organisations in Ghana.

The group which was inaugurated over the weekend, brought together accountants and financial managers from various organisations including government and private sector players in the accounting institutions.

Various speakers including Prof. Amidu of University of Ghana explained into details the Islamic perspective in accounting.

According him, Muslim accountant must always remember the thoughts of Quran as a guiding pillar in discharging their duties.

Meanwhile, Hajia Kubura, Director at Audit Service reminded women of their rights to also work to support their household.

She said women have same rights as men in ensuring accountability.

Chairman of GAMA Mr. Alhassan Yusif Trawule during an interview with this portal at the back stage of the event, entreat members to discharge their duties responsibly.

He indicated that they would go through the length and breath of the country to bring members on board.


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