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While most government officials in Africa are frequently confronted by large-scale corruption, poverty and mismanagement, the challenges facing governments of Ghana are not new but how to address the concerns of the citizens who are by majority brought them to power for prosperity had been the biggest challenges successive governments.

Arresting and applying force on non-violence demonstrators like “#FixtheCountry” conveners is ethically unfounded.

The paradox of violence (conflict) is that it is both the force that can tear relationships apart and the force that binds them together. This dual nature of violence makes it important for government to study the dynamics of the ongoing #FixtheCountry campaign to help facilitate the need to position themselves to address the major injustices, inequalities, organized crime and unemployment issues which are threats to our democracy.

The government of the day should know that this is an interesting contest and the inability to address the ongoing issues by taking into account the substantive interest, psychological interest and the procedural interest will plunge this country into chaos.

Our assertion stems from the fact that the government uses brute force to confront non-violence threats. Rather, the responses should be constructive and not one igniting interest for contestation which could escalate into violence. The police and court must protect the citizens against the government and not the other way round.

The government should be proactive to solving the issue with Cooperative problem-solving and desist from arrest and detentions.

Henry Quaye
Conflict Analyst

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