NDC Govt Will Punish All involved in the Reckless Termination of GPGC EPA-Sammy Gyamfi

This was disclosed at a News Conference in Accra on Monday by the National Communications Officer, Sammy Gyamfi.

He said “ as a party, we are very sad that all of us as Ghanaians will have to cough up this colossal amount of money, USD$170 million, which is equivalent to GHS1.2 billion cedis or 10.2 trillion Old Ghana cedis and which accrues interest daily, compounded on a monthly basis”.

It would be recalled that Ghana was recently slapped with judgement debt of USD 170million as a result of the wrongful termination of the GPGC EPA by the Akufo-Addo government after failing to defend same at the Arbitration and in court.

This, the fire brand Communications Officer believes smacks of incompetence and causing financial loss to the state, hence future NDC government will bring to book all government officials involved in the termination of the Agreement.

“The NDC hereby calls for investigations into the circumstances surrounding the unlawful termination of the GPGC EPA, particularly the alleged so-called recommendation by the Ahenkora-Committee for the termination of the said GPGC EPA, which in our view raises issues of fraud”, Mr. Gyamfi emphasized.

He continued “we also demand that all officials of the Akufo-Addo government who were directly or indirectly involved in the processes leading to this huge financial loss to the State are held responsible and punished for same. But in the likely event that President Akufo-Addo, “the Mother Serpent of Corruption”, who is himself complicit in this matter fails to act, a future NDC government will investigate this matter and ensure that those responsible for the wrongful termination of the GPGC Agreement and the avoidable judgement debt it has caused the nation, are brought to book”.

Mr. Gyamfi who argued that this colossal amount could have been channeled into the construction of thousands of dormitories and classroom blocks to end the obnoxious double-track system which is undermining the quality of secondary and tertiary education in the country, or the provision of hospital beds and other facilities to end the much-dreaded no-bed syndrome which is claiming so many precious lives, later blamed the current Attorney- General Godfred Yeboah Dame for this judgement debt.

“The current AG Godfred Dame has proven to be incompetent and sloppy as far as this arbitration is concerned”, the Communications Officer stressed.

“…They very well knew that terminating the Agreement that way could potentially occasion a financial loss to the State. Yet, they did so willfully knowing fully well what the consequences of their actions were. They failed to take advantage of the opportunity they were offered by the company to remedy the situation or reinstate the EPA as they had promised. This is why the wrongful termination of the GPGC EPA by the Akufo-Addo government and the avoidable financial loss it has occasioned the State is unpardonable”.

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