Supposed Hostel Built By Former GIMPA SRC President For Students Cannot Be Traced

A student’s hostel that the immediate past President of the Students Representative Council (SRC) of the Ghana Institute of Management and Public Administration (GIMPA) claimed to have built for students of the school cannot be traced after he completed.

There is no site map or architectural structure of the four storey hostel facility that Mr. Benjamin Ansah, claimed to have built for the school when he was President of the SRC.

The situation has left students in utter disbelief as it dawns on the student body that the outgone President had fooled everybody with a castle in the air while President.

Already, Benjamin Ansah is said to be facing investigation from the school’s authorities with his certificate under impoundment, over alleged embezzlement of money belonging to the SRC. And the former GIMPA SRC President is said to have touted the nonexistent castle to many important State institutions for money as well. Among them is the Petroleum Commission of Ghana where he led the executive body of the SRC for money in 2019.

Petroleum Commission LinkedIn Timeline memory of the encounter captures Benjamin Ansah who is a protégé of the Secretary of the Institute, Mr Julius Atikpui, dazzling the Chief Executive Officer of the Commission, Mr Egbert Faibille with a number of grandiloquent projects that he claimed to have undertaken for GIMPA students, including the nonexistent four-storey students hostel facility.

“The Students Representative Council (SRC) of the Greenhill College of the Ghana Institute of Management and Public Administration (GIMPA) called on the Petroleum Commission (PC) earlier today to seek support in creating favorable conditions for the students of the institution.

“The SRC President , Mr. Benjamin Ansah stated that his regime has been successful in the building of a four-storey hostel for students, gaining scholarships for about 51 students and creating a Perpetual Fund to help needy students of the institution pay their tuition and hostel fees among others.

“He noted that the reason for the Council’s call on the PC is to solicit for support in securing some slots for GIMPA students to do their internship and national service at the Commission and for the Commission to contribute to the Perpetual Fund.

“The CEO of the Commission, Mr. Faibille Jr. congratulated the SRC on their achievements and stated that it is always impressive to see young folks who are determined to bring change to the environment they find themselves,” the Petroleum Commission’s LinkedIn Timeline memory captures.

It is not clear how much the Petroleum Commission gave Benjamin Ansah on that visit, however, the supposed four-storey building hostel that he partly used to dazzle journalist cum lawyer Egbert Faibille Jr does not exist. Faibille over a decade ago challenged the then Rector of GIMPA, Stephen Adei in court over his Professorship and one wonders how he sat down for the undergraduate students to outsmart him.

Benjamin Ansah is also facing questions over the embezzlement of the SRC Funds, some GHc12,000 of which he is alleged to have doled out to his girlfriend.

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