Ejura Shooting: Sylvester Mensah Writes

Government’s intolerance to opposing views and free media discourse coupled with its determination to forcefully frustrate all protests and legitimate demonstrations are generating unnecessary tension in the country.

The excruciating economic hardship and joblessness are also at the Centre of the youth agitations we are experiencing. And these agitations are more spontaneous than contrived!

Government’s Oppressive tendencies in a democracy and suppressive actions against some media houses, leading political icons, financial sector businesses and now particularly against the youth can only serve as incubation for pervasive deviance and explosion of anger. It is not too late to avoid this, it must be avoided!

Indeed, Government and its security apparatus have failed to sustain the peace and tranquility they inherited!!

Politicization of the security apparatus is what manifests in the mindless killings of defenseless citizens.

May the souls of innocent victims of the Ejura brutalities rest in peace, as we search for justice!!

Every single senseless killing shall be accounted for and justice shall be served, early or late!!!


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