Ghana Water Blasts GNFS

The Regional Manager of Ghana Water Company Limited (GWCL) for Accra East Region, Eng. Emmanuel Johnson has refuted allegations by the Ghana National Fire Service(GNFS) that the fire hydrants in the region have been sealed.

According to him, all the 11 fire hydrants within the central business district are intact adding that “all the hydrants are working and available”.

GWCL has also debunked allegations by the Ghana GNFS that the company is to blame for GNFS’s inability to fight the Makola fire a few days ago.

Mr. Johnson indicated that in 2018 when there was fire, they requested of GNFS to conduct an audit of all fire hydrants but they (GNFS) failed to honor the request.

“The Fire Service must rather check their standard operating procedure ie checking the fire hydrant to know whether they are functioning or not”, Ing Johnson stressed.

For him, GNFS has been selling water from the hydrants meant for fighting fire to the public hence they (GWCL) can not be blamed for the Makola inferno.

This was disclosed at a news Conference in Accra on Thursday addressed by the Regional Chief Manager of Accra region, Eng.
Emmanuel Johnson.

“GWCL has had several arrangement with GNFS and have questioned them from fetching water from the hydrants and selling to the public”, Ing. Johnson emphasized.

He added that “even people from their own office volunteer to give us information that they are abusing the water”.

He therefore entreated the GNFS to stop the blame game and shoulder the responsibility for their shortfalls rather than shifting it on GWCL which he said has made water available in all the hydrants.

“On the 5th of July 2021, when the building at Makola was on fire, GWCL was surprised to see Fire Tenders of the GNFS trooping into the Accra East regional office to fetch water to combat the fire; when there was water flowing within the whole central business district and the fire hydrants were all in good condition”, Ing. Johnson stressed.

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