Rebecca’s Purse; Paying Chop Money For The President


What will destroy the NPP, is the silence of the few good ones (even if they exist), and not the loud noises of the fools. You can’t enter your bed without bending .

Let me congratulate the youth Wing led by George Opare Addo(PABLO) , for breaking the myth surrounding demonstrating in covid Ghana !!! If for nothing at all , I salute you guys for this .

Let me quickly add that we have a long way to go. The tyrant we are fighting is not just hollow and empty, but stubborn. He may be irresponsible, careless and carefree yet wicked. We can’t succeed with just this demonstration. All he cares about is how his family gets rich and control Ghana. He doesn’t care about Ghana one bit.

With the kind of hardships we are going through, he is thinking of salaries to his wife? What pressure is he facing at home? Such impudence !!! Infact the nation is paying chop money to his wife . At his age what does he use his salary for.

We pay for his security, cleaners, cooks, entertainment, dress, shoes etc .

Even his barber , we pay though he has no hair , we pay his dentist though what we see is not his. How generous can we be to this man?

The state is already taking care of his children, all of them in juicy positions . Even his nieces and nephews have all been appointed in his administration .

We must be prepared to force the iron hands of this greedy bustard to respect the citizens. If it has to take sleeping on the streets for ever , we must !!!

For the presidential hopefuls in NPP, don’t enjoy the goodies and pretend you can be on the side of citizens tomorrow. I am yet to see one who is bold and responsible enough to be president .

Hope your wives are not celebrating over this irresponsible house wife initiative called the REBECCA’S PURSE speak up today , or shut up tomorrow.

Congratulations to all those who stood up to be counted , aluta continua !!! As for the better days ahead , we will surely get there .

Kun fa Yakun

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