Tourism Aid Ghana Calls For Youth Volunteerism

Tourism Aid Ghana, (TAG) an umbrella organisation of Tourism Aid Global that aimed at empowering the youth through domestic tourism.

It also has one of it’s core mandates to develop the skills of young people and unearth their creative abilities.

Speakers who took turn to address the launch on Saturday, 10th July 2021 agreed to the fact that Ghana has an international image that needs to generate funds and create jobs for the youth through tourism.

Sherifa Gunu, a musician and Jay Foley, a broadcast journalist have all thought of the need to brand Ghana at the International levels.

They cited Ghana as the center of the world that could be used to generate income for the state.

There was a suggestion during the discussion that a monument could be erected on the Greenwich meridian at Tema to whip more tourists to the place.

Fauzu Masawudu, Tourism Aid Ghana Ambassador explained that the launch of the regional bloc was to ensure that their operations are decentralised across the country.

He said their organisation would support government’s efforts to boost tourism industry in the country.

On his part, the board Chairman of Tourism Aid Ghana, Mr. Micheal Appiah indicated that they would leverage on young people in all communities in the country.

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