I’ve Not Been Disowned By Abola Piam We…Chief Rubbishes Fake News

Chief of Oblke-Opah on the Ga West Municipality of the Greater Accra Region, Nii Ayittey Anumle Oyanka I, has rubbished publication in the Grasading Guide Newspaper of their Thursday 24th June,2021 edition with the caption “Nii Tackie Oblie Family Disowns Bezaleel Zolla”.

The story orchestrated by lawyer Andrew Tetteh Esq. according to Nii Oyanka lacks merit and foundation to stand on.

The legally installed and gazetted Chief of Oblieman-Opah in his rejoinder, provided details with evidence to prove to the detractors.

Below is his full story:

Nii Ayitey Anumle Oyanka I, wish to react to your newspaper publication of Thursday 24 of June 2021 and to express my revulsion on the article titled “NII TACKIE OBLI FAMILY DISOWNS BEZALEEL ZOLLA published in Vol. 13 No. 092 of 24 June 2021 concerning my person without the minimal effort on your part to seek my side of the issues or verify the allegation before the said publication.

Be that as it may, it is my right to state my side of the case and be given equal publicity as done with the earlier one against me.

Signatories of the council members

I am Nii Ayitey Anumle Oyanka I, Chief of Oblieman-Opah but also known as Bezaleel Zola in private life. I was installed Chief of Oblieman-Opah by the Osiahene of the Ga state Nii Osiahene Okang IV on 19 December 2015 at a ceremony presided over by the Late King Tackie Oblie I! of Abola Piam We.

In addition, a Power of Attorney was granted to me by the Elders of Abola Piam We effective 20th January 2016 to be the Caretaker and Administrator of Abola Piam We lands at Oblieman-Opah and its environs.

It is significant to note at this stage the genesis of my election and installation as Chief of Oblieman under the Abola Piam We. My grandfather John Komla Zola together with The Lates Tackie Oblie 1 (1904-1918 and then 1933-1943) and Alexander Dodoo were the joint caretakers of the Oblieman-Opah lands for and on behaif of Abola Piam We lands.

After the deaths of King Tackie Oblie I, Alexander Dodoo and my grandfather advanced in age and infirm, One Emmanuel Dodoo a cousin of Alexander Dodoo took advantage of the situation and began to covertly lay claims to the land. These convert activities of Emmanuel Dodoo became overt after the death of my grandfather in 2005.

This action of Emmanuel Dodoo now deceased culminated in a High Court action at the instance of the late Emmanuel Dodoo Suit No. IRL 234/09.

In the said suit four (4) of the seven Defendants were my Uncles. Among the Defendants was one lbrahim Adu Tackie Oblie whose real name was lbrahim Nii Adu Quaye who
together with his nephew Mustapha Ofoli Quaye adopted the name Tackie Oblie” as their surname. This is contrary to the customs and culture of the Ga State that nobody uses a stool name as the surname.

The object of this is sacrilegious act to deceive unsuspecting public in their unholy acts of traudulently selling Oblieman lands as land belonging to their family.

AS part of their ruse created a “Tackie Oblie Family of Abola Piam We when in reality they belong to the “Ade Akwa We.

My reaction to the publication is borne out of the fact that the publication being reacted to was engineered and financed by Andrew Tetteh Esq.
On …..I petitioned the General Legal Council over the un-ethical conduct of Lawyer Andrew Tetteh.

In a case between a Chinese national operating under the name BANITEX and myself acting for and on behalf of Abola Piam We in Suit No. CR/10/16 titled: BANITEX vrs BEZALEEL ZOLA & Anor. It is important to note that in our case with the Late Emmanuel Dodoo, Andrew Tetteh Esq represented the family and personally paid his legal fees.

Sometime in 2015 the Chinese attempted to fraudulently register about forty acres of Abola Piam We lands. This was caveated by both the Dodoo and Abola Piam We. The Abola Piam caveat was issued through their then counsel Andrew Tetteh Esq.

Unfortunately, this very same Andrew Tetteh Esq. who caveated the Chinese registration has switched to now be the counsel for the Chinese against the family. In addition the said Andrew Tetteh falsely created a Business Registration Certificate to aid the Chinese to deceive the court that the company was in existence when the said company, BANITEX was non-existent and could not have purchased a land in the name of the company. This fraudulent certificate was dubiously presented to the court.

It is equally pertinent to note that on 16 August, 2019 the said Mustapha in conspiracy with other attempted to assassinate me in my palace. In the wake of their failure the attempted assassins then rushed to report to the police that I was the protagonist. I was subsequently arrested, photographed and published to serve their purpose. Till date nothing has come out of the attempted dastardly act as the police has not even bothered to investigate the assassination Attempt.

In the face of all the above, I was compelled to report the conduct of Mr. Andrew Tetteh Esq. to the General Legal Council. This is what provoked him to instigate the said Mustapha Ofoli Quaye alias Tackie Oblie to publish all the false allegations against me.

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