Tarkwa Nsuaem: MP Accused of Rumour Mongering

A group calling itself Concern Youth of Tarkwa are accusing the Member of Parliament MP for Tarkwa Nsuasem, Hon. Mireku Duker of spreading rumour about kidnapping of Tarkwa Gyaasehene.

It has emerged that the much publicised kidnapping of the Tarkwa Gyaasehene was a hoax after all as the MP for Tarkwa Nsuaem has been fingered as being the orchestrator of the kidnapping story .

According to the Concerned Youth of Tarkwa who addressed the media in Accra on Friday, the MP fabricated the kidnapping story because he( MP) who doubles as the Deputy Minister for Lands and Natural Resources, feels threatened that his brother who is currently the MCE of the area may lose the slot to Nana Krakra Blay who is being alleged to have threatened the Gyasehene.

“Friends of the Media, we are here to expose the reasons why there are all these cock and bull stories trying all means possible to denigrate the hard won reputation and integrity of Mr. Kakra Blay”, the Convener, Mr. Baah Acheamfour emphasized.

He cited the following reasons as the causative factors of what he described as cock and bull story from the MP and his surrogates.

“Mr. Kakra Blay is contesting Mireku Duker’s elder brother for the position of Municipal Chief Executive of the Tarkwa-Nsuaem Municipal Assembly.

The entire Tarkwa-Nsuaem community, by way of endorsement, has stood up for Mr. Blay and against Duker and his elder brother, Benjamin Kessie, the outgoing MCE.

Duker and his elder brother fear that their corrupt practices, profligacy and mismanagement of funds couple with the wickedness etc. will be exposed if Mr. Blay takes over the Tarkwa-Nsuaem Municipal Assembly office as MCE.

According to the Convener, the outgoing MCE, out of mismanagement has caused the assembly to owe Hotel De Hilda a huge sums of money owing to misappropriation of Assembly funds.

“ Friends of the Media, these are just a few reasons why the MP of the area who happens to be the younger brother of the outgoing MCE is all over in the media casting insinuations, throwing dust into people’s eyes with all the lies and allegations mentioned above just to destroy Mr. Blay in the media and destroy his chance of becoming an MCE so that his brother will continue to be the office as MCE”, Mr. Acheamfour stressed.

He also refuted claims that the said Nana Kakra Blay was arrested by the Police adding that it is the mastermind of Hon. Mireku Duker and the MCE whom he said have committed several faux-pas and have lost touch with the people of Tarkwa.

It would be recalled that on Wednesday, July 14th, 2021, it was reported that the Gyasehene has been kidnapped which created fear and Panic in Tarkwa but according to the Gyaasehene who reported himself to the police the next day, he went to bank for a transaction and that after the transaction at the bank , someone told him that “Nana, some people are coming to kill you.” So he left his car and took a taxi and fled of.

But the Concerned Youth of Tarkwa believes the story by the Gyasehene is not adding up, and has subsequently called on the Police to investigate the matter since they smell a rat at the Gyasehene, the MCE and Hon. Mireku Duker.

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