Is Everything Alright With The President?


As an African, and a Ghanaian for that matter, respect for our culture and traditions will remain key to me. Its unacceptable to cast aspersions on someone with an ailment or defect.

However, I was unhappy with a clip of the president trying to cut the tape to commission a Mosque that was started some years back.

The president held the tape with his left hand, yet couldn’t see the same tape he was holding in order to cut with the other hand.

I have no problem if the president has lost his sight or has gone through a surgery and regaining his sight. Things happen to us differently as we age or grow.

My fear is with the number of greedy vampires around him who may be taking advantage of this to be cancelling contracts or signing fictitious deals in the name of the president.

This piece is just for us to start asking questions about the health of the president and also to caution our members of parliament to double check things that will be brought to them in the name of the president because he may not have even sighted it.

Let’s pray for each other for strength and good health each day because there are better days ahead.

Kun fa Yakun

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