Self – Styled Sogah Chief Marries Another Man’s Wife

The self styled chief of Sogakope in the Volta Region of Ghana has thrown the whole town into state of shock.

The shameless Mrs. Ameera Zakari, the wife of Mr. Zakari Jonny was alleged to have been sleeping with the Mr. Freeman Laweh Sogah, the fake Sogah chief.

It has now been established that what the reported sometime ago about the infertility of both Ameera Zakari and Freeman Laweh known as Atsuga Sogah II turned out to be true.

Mrs. Ameera Swears affidavit to bear Sogah name

When their relationship started, Ameera Zakari lied to her husband Mr. Zakari that she was attending a meeting with a business partner in Sogakope anytime the husband raises concern of her frequent travels to that area.

A further investigations by The into her secret affairs with Freeman Laweh Sogah revealed that the two lover births have now become official husband and wife.

According to our source closed to at residence of Mr. Laweh Freeman Sogah aka Torgbi Akpa indicated that Mr. Laweh Sogah still lying to his legal wife, Victoria Parker that he was not married to his American mistress, Mrs Zakari but rather a business.

We have gathered at a point that when Mrs. Victoria Laweh Sogah visited Sogakope, Ameera was confused when she realised Freeman Laweh Sogah has a wife and was not happy.

The couple in a picture with the best man

This according to our source, Freeman Laweh Sogah who does not want to lose Ameera decisided to please her by doing something to show love for her.

Currently, Ameera we are told was in a confused state of mind as to weather to drop her amorous affairs with the so-called Sogah chief and run back to the United States of America, USA to reunite with her husband, Jonny Zakari.

Further checks made by this portal indicated that Ameera has not divorce her former husband officially in USA, but went ahead to marry another man which itself is against the laws of Ghana and the US as well.

Mrs. Ameera Zakari could be facing prosecution in US when she gets back involving fraudulent activities she undertook before coming to hide here in Sogakope, Ghana.

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