Kokonte: Eating this food can cure you from all these diseases- Researcher and Dietician

Kokonte is a staple food, eaten in some parts of Africa including Togo, Ghana and others. In Ghana, Kokonte is eaten by most of the ethnic groups like the Ga, Akan, Hausa. Kokonte is also known as “Face The Wall”, “Abitie” etc.

Nana Kofi Owusu who is a Lecturer at the Department of Nutrition and Dietetics, School of Allied Health Sciences, University of Health and Allied Sciences, Ho, Ghana where he lectures a wide variety of courses including Nutrition in Exercise Physiology and Sports, Diet and Disease, said on Utv Adekye Nsroma morning on discussion of “Heath benefit of eating kokonte” that, kokonte is one of major food that most people Underestimate it, but it is far better than “fufu” in term of its health benefits.

In the discussion, He listed the health benefits of “kokonte” which are;

  1. “Kokonte” help the digestive tract for better digestion of food.
  2. Its cleanse the body
  3. Its provide the natural vitamin B and C for the body.
  4. It contain Pro-biotic, Antioxidant and also build the collagen in the body.
  5. Its also help treat stomach disorder.

Also the renowned human health Researcher and library assistant at the University of Ghana medical school korle bu, Mr Effa Baffo Gyamfi and aslo chief advocate for preventive health has revealed on kantanka fontɔmfrom morning show on the same topic of “Health benefits of kokonte” that, kokonte is one food that everyone should eat especially the women because, the food help them from contracting vaginal infection, vaginal odour and also help heal wound after childbirth.

According to him, He added eating “kokonte” with groundnut soup increase your lifespan to 10years. Again He said “kokonte” Cures prostate disorders, regulate blood sugar, boost immune system, treat digestive disorders, help the heart, act as an Antibiotics, control obesity, burn fat, help diabetes patient, help asthmatic patient, regulate menstrual cycle and also cleanse the body.

He go on to encourage everyone to add “kokonte” to their menu list.

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