Dr. Appiah Writes: Who should fix the country?

Finally, the demonstration to FIX THE COUNTRY was successfully held and Ghana did not burn.

After the demonstration, Nana Addo Danquah Akufo-Addo is still the President and Ghana’s independence date of March 6, did not change. So why was Nana Addo preventing the demonstration to come on?

The Attorney General, Godfrey Odamey spent more time in court trying to block the demonstration than any other case in his life. At the end, Ghana is still Ghana.

Speaker after speaker at the demonstration, the organizers, tried to blame the problems of Ghana on all leaders from Dr. Kwame Nkrumah to Nana Addo, and then called for the country to be fixed.

They didn’t tell us who should fix the country and they didn’t tell us if they have a presidential candidate in mind, or if they are thinking of forming a third force party.
At the end of the day, they narrated all the problems in Ghana, blamed every leader of Ghana but could not come up with who could fix the country.

They didn’t remind Nana Addo of his promises. My observation after the demonstration is that, some NPP members and sympathizers, who campaigned and voted for Nana Addo in 2016, are so frustrated and disappointed in him (Nana Addo) but they couldn’t single him out as the cause of all these problems coming on Ghana.

To cure that, they have to blame all leaders from Dr. Kwame Nkrumah to Nana Addo.
We know some of the organizers in 2016-2020, sat on Adom FM, Angel FM, Happy FM etc, and what they did was to convince Ghanaians that President Mahama was corrupt and incompetent.

Some even went ahead and carried cement to help Nana Addo build his Cathedral.
Even though dumsor was started under Rawlings, the dumsor demonstration was specifically targeted at President Mahama.

Why wasn’t the FIX THE COUNTRY demonstration specifically targeted at Nana Akufo-Addo? We have Nana Addo as the current President who is controlling all our resources and if you can’t tell him in his face to fix the country, then I am afraid, your victory and the numbers you got in Accra will quickly fade away.

If the organizers intend to form a political party, they should let us know. If they have a presidential candidate in mind, they should let us know. If they now know the real corrupt and incompetent President, they should let us know. Saying they want a changed constitution is not good enough.

Who should change the constitution?
Just chanting “fix the country, fix the country” without specifically asking the Head of State to fix the country is basically an empty noise. That is not how to solve Ghana’s problems, especially in a country whose President is not aware of anything.

The organizers should come again, and be straight with the Ghanaian youth.
I have not started writing yet.
Mahama beba.

Dr. Lawrence is the founder of the Diaspora Progressive Movement (USA)


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