Stop The Nuisance Decongestion Exercise – CPP Chair Blasts Regional Minister

The National Chairperson of the Convention People’s Party (CPP), Nana Frimpomaa has taken a swipe at the Greater Accra Regional Minister, Hon. Henry Quartey over the recent decongestion exercise in the Region.

The CPP Chairperson described the exercise as needless and waste of public resources.

Nana Frimpomaa acused the Minister of targeting market women who struggle to make an earns meet to feed their families.

According to her, the authorities who gave permit and collect taxes from the vulnerable traders were rather not punish for not discharging their duties properly.

Expressing disgust at the authorities mandated to have oversight responsibilities, the CPP leader called for the review of local governance system.

She questioned the existence of the Municipal, Metropolitan and District Assemblies (MMDAs) across the country.

She pointed out that it was needless for a Regional Minister to come down to carry out dicongestion exercises when the region has MMDAs.

But Nana Frimpomaa was quick to blame the Assemblies’ planning departments and urged the Minister to shift his focus on the MMDAs who are supposed to enforce the by-laws.

She therefore reminded the Regional Minister of similar exercise executed by previous Accra Mayors but ended up with same problems confronting the city.

The Nkrumahist party leader who was speaking to on a telephone interview last Tuesday, charged the Minister to go for the head of the technocrats at various MMDAs and not the vulnerable market women.

She called for the immediate enforcement of the By Laws right at the unit committee level to prevent any future decongestion exercises with huge resources.

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