Ga Mantse Throne: King Maker Predicts Possible Bloodshed In Accra

The Ga-State in the Greater Accra Region has been described by many as trouble state in Ghana.

This is due to its current state of confusion over who is the right person to occupy the throne.

It was predicted that the Ga State would remain a confused one with no legitimate paramount chief to occupy the throne if the confusion should continue.

Nii Ayitte Osu III, the Supreme Head of Ga Abola Tunma We, the king maker of the Ga-State has descended heavily on some greedy Ga elders and politicians for masterminding the whole problem.

According to him, political influence in who becomes Ga Mantse has taken tolls of many lives while others maimed.

He lamented that most of the youth have been brainwashed to always support the illegality that been perpetrated on the Ga State.

Speaking to during the 2021 homowo festival in Accra, Nii Ayitte Osu III bemoans on wantom displayed of criminals holding Ga titles.

Consequently, the king maker of the Ga state warned that Accra would have no peace until someone from the Abola Tunma We is install as Ga Mantse.

He explained that all the gates have had their turned and it has now come to the turned of Abola Piam Tunma We.

Adding to this, Nii Ayitte Osu III also predicted of a possible uprising from the right owners of the throne.

“The uprising will come with a lot of consequences that will shake the foundation of this nation”, he added.

This according to him, has been long over due because the rightful owners to the throne were denied the stool after winning judgements in 1988 and 2014 respectively.

He also described those who knew the truth as greedy bastards for keeping mute for the illegality to continue, and saying they would surely receive their share of the atrocities.

He therefore disowned those parading themselves as Ga Mantse including King Tackie Teiko Tsuru II and Adama Latse II.

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