Prudent leadership & Economic wizardry. What Ghana needs in 2024: The Isaac Adongo & Mohamed Bataglia factor

The erstwhile John Mahama government has proved beyond reasonable doubt that he is by far the best president of the 4th Rebublic in just a term in office. Thus, his second coming is certainly certain.

It is however common knowledge that, like all great leaders, his second coming like christ will be the greatest challenge he faces as he will have the herculean task of fixing all the mess the clueless, super inept Nana-Addo – Bawumia government has created. E.g Ballooning debt, messy education system, severe infrastructural gap, etc

President John Mahama must adopt to his humble, calm and accommodating demeanour a strong uncompromising character if he must save us from this “shit hole” that has been created by a man who became president just to fulfil a wishful, fanciful dream. Just so I’m clear ” a strong uncompromising character” here means the will to to uproot corruption & continue with the infrustructure & development drive that characterised his first government.

To do this, he must put together an impeccable team of super humans with godly abilities. Firstly off, he needs someone who truly knows Economics, Finance & Prudent management coupled with his visionary insight will make a messianic team to save this country from a “cathedral ruin”. Hon. Isaac Adongo has been the saving grace for Ghana with this experimental government. The try & error formulae used by the text book economist, Wale Wale Adam Smith if only Dr. Bawumia had listen to Hon. Adongo, we wouldn’t find ourselves in another case of a classical Zimbabwe as that country is where it is today because it listened to Dr. Bawumia on managing the country. The reality has caught up with them.

Hon. Isaac adongo deputised by Hon. Cassiel Atto Forson & Hon. Mohamed Issah Bataglia of Sisaala East will prove to be the formidable force we need at salvaging what is left of the rot that Ghana is faced with under the Nana Addo-Bawumia led government. Hon. Adongo raised all the red flags, cautioned the picadilly Finance minister & offered brilliant alternative solutions but the entire Osofo Marfo & Ken Offori Atta led economic management & Finance team were too clueless and incompetent to comprehend.

Taking credence from the famouse adage, “fortune favours the bold”. The over 6million Ghanaians voted for you, president Mahama, not out of pity but out of the need of saving as Ghanaians have come to realise the mistake they made in 2016 in an apology of the presidency of Nana Addo.

A word they say to the wise is enough and fortune favours whoever is bold. I hope this gets your attention.

Thoughts from a comrade.
Cde. Chief Bukari Kuoru.

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