NDC’s Proposed Reforms Will Ensure Peace And Transparency During And After Elections- Zongo Caucus Executive

A leading member of the National Democratic Congress, NDC’s Zongo Caucus, Alhaji Mustapha Abubakar has stated confidently that the electoral reforms seeking by his party would ensure free, fair transparency and peace before, during and after elections in the country.

As it stands currently, according to him, the Electoral Commission’s EC ways of doing things would create chaos and mar the peace of the country if changes are not effected by 2024 general elections.

In the part party’s proposed reforms, Alhaji Mustapha Abubakar highlighted key points that he said would settle all election disputes without going to court.

One of the key points he explained, was by instituting Election Adjudication Centers at constituency and national levels.

With this, any election dispute that will arise at polling centers will be sent to the Adjudication Center for it to be resolved.

The former MASLOC Deputy Chief Executive Officer (CEO) was speaking exclusively with thealhajj.com in Accra on Monday after the party’s engagement with the Muslim clergy to explain to them the important of the reforms the party was seeking.

Part of the reforms also proposed that the EC must scrap the regional collation centers to ensure transparency.

The regional collation centers accordion him, has being used negatively by parties over the years to do all kinds of fraudulent activities and machination of results during elections.

The opposition NDC also believes that the Electoral Commission should be divided into two, one with the responsibility of conduction of elections while the other will also focus on registering Ghana continuously throughout the year to curb chaos at the registration centers.

He said this can be done all year round in the the present of assigned party agents.

He maintained that without proper reforms in the country’s electoral system, with the lessons and happenings in the 2020 elections, the peace of the country can not be guaranteed.

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