Ghanaians Roast Chief Imam For Donating Ghs 50,000 Towards Building of National Cathedral

Ghanaians across the country have slamed the office of National Chief Imam (ONC) of Ghana for contributing towards the building of National Cathedral.

Those who took to their social media handles described the justure by the National Chief Imam, Sheikh Nuhu Osumanu Sharabutu as waste of money.

The National Catheral committee paid a courtesy call on the National Chief Imam on Thursday to inform him of the contribution towards the building of the cathedral.

After lengthen discussions with the National Chief Imam, the old man in turn donated Gh 50, 000 as part of his widows might towards the project.

Meanwhile, Muslim Ummah have taken serious exceptions on the handlers of Dr. Nuhu Sharabutu blaming them of championing the course of their selfish interest.

Angry Ghanaians have also described the project as misplaced priority that seeks to satisfy only the president.

While others said the money donated by the Chief Imam could help build a lot of boreholes in the remotest part of the country, some claimed it could have been used in building more classrooms for schools under trees.

Descending citizens have raised issues of national importance asking if this can solve the already high youth unemployment rate in the country.

For some, its against the tenet of Islam to contribute towards the building of a Church.

But believed that the Vice President, Dr. Mahmoudu Bawumia was the brain behind the donation by the Chief Imam.

This, according to some would not solve the high unemployment rate in the country.

Some says the President who made the covenant to God to build a cathedral should be able to do it without asking people to contribute.

They said the failed Akufo Addo / Bawumia administration has put together ganster pastors to lure Ghanaians to contribute to build what he promised God he would build.

The scantic efforts by these pastors have been described by facebookers as useless who could not use their influence to raise funds in helping the deprived communities and collapsing health sectors.

They therefore questioned the motives behind these so-called men of God in having the cathedral build.


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