Sack Political Agents From Chief Imam’s Office – Concerned Muslim Youth Angry

Tension brewing in Muslim communities over what they see as a serious religious goofed by the handlers of National Chief Imam, Sheikh Dr. Nuhu Sharabutu.

Concerned Muslim Youth are calling for the immediate removal from office of Sheikh Armiyau Shaib as spokesperson and Alhaji Marzuk as special aide to the National Chief Imam.

A statement released in Accra on Friday and signed by its convener, Sheikh Abdulai Samba accused the two of advancing a political interest at the office of the National Chief Imam.

The statement said the donation by the eminence the National Chief Imam to build a church in itself a pure diversion to the teachings and practice of Islam.

It continued that Islam did not enjoy a Muslim to build or contribute to build a church.

The statement said the continues disgrace been inflicted by the handlers of Chief Imam must be brought to an end.

It therefore called for their immediate removal for bringing the name of the office into disrepute.

Below is the full statement:



Our attention has been drawn to a news making rounds in the social media that, the National Chief Imam of Ghana yesterday donated a whooping amount of GHc50,000 as his contribution towards the building of Akofu Addo’s Cathedral.

This news, after verification of same came to us and other Muslim Umma as a surprise because, we could not support it with any justifiable reason as Muslims.

Proceeding to make the point, it is important we distinguish between a “National Project” and what is known to be an “Akufo Addo Project”.

The idea of building a National Cathedral was a Personal Promise of Akufo Addo and therefore, committing such a huge amount by no mean a person than the National Chief Imam to build a church for an individual couldn’t be in the interest of Islam.

This singular gaffe in the history of Islam in Ghana will go a long way to blot the hard won reputation of the person of the Chief Imam, and further bring his office into disrepute in the eyes of the Muslim Umma in Ghana and world over. How can one ever think of the Chief Imam building a church for a Christian?

If in our effort to build the National Mosque at Kanda, the Christian Council, the Catholic Bishop Conference and other Christian organizations did not contribute a dime in realizing the completion of the mosque, how can anyone justify the donation of GHc50,000 by the Chief Imam to build a Cathedral for Akufo Addo?

The primitive African culture, that has instilled timidity in the people, coupled with the belief that, elders don’t make mistakes are the reasons why we fail to speak truth to power. Islam is one religion that encourages equality and equity and no matter what, we have to learn to call a spade a spade.

Going by this argument we are of the view that, the donation of such a huge amount by the National Chief Imam couldn’t be done in the interest of Islam. Whether politically influenced or not, the office of the National Chief Imam stands indicted for the apparent failure to protect the Image of Islam and that of the National Chief Imam as a person.

It is absolutely worrying for the Muslim Umm to hear in the media the barrage of condemnation on the action of the Chief Imam simply because some people around him, for political and selfish expediency have decided to dinigrate the office.

At this point it is important to call out the handlers of the National Chief Imam for allowing the government to use his Eminence as a pliant tool to advance the personal interest of building a Cathedral.

On that note, we as Concerned Muslim Youth in Ghana wish to call for the immediate dismissal of Sheikh Armiyau Shaibu(Spokesperson) and Dr. Marzuk(Special Aide) from the Office of the National Chief Imam for this shameful dereliction of duty and their failure to protect the image of the person of his Eminence, the National Chief Imam. Thank you.

Contact: 0208322601.
27th August, 2021.

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