Dr. Lawrence writes: ”Don’t let NPP Walk Away with Their STOLEN MONEY in 2024” – Mahama

We are in 2021 but the 2024 elections is already here with us. This means it will be too short for some people who will be struggling to fixing the country with slogans and it will be too long for people who will be waiting to receive their handing-over notes.

When John Dramani Mahama made the above statement, “Don’t let the NPP walk away with their Stolen Money in 2024”, he meant just two things: elections have consequences and Ghanaians should let the NPP account for their stewardship between 2017 and 2024. That’s all.

This Nana Addo government has so far, borrowed over GHC 210 billion and in 8 years, I think, it is time to account to the people what they used that money for. You and I know that until the government is changed in 2024, there is no way we will know how they used the Billions of cedis borrowed.

When President John Mahama said Ghanaians should not let the NPP walk away with their “stolen money” in 2024, he wanted Ghanaians know that some of the expenditures from the GHC 210 billion will end up in the courts under a new NDC government.

As I am monitoring events on the grounds, it is very clear that the NDC will win the 2024 presidential elections with a wide margin but can President John Mahama assure Ghanaians that after 2024, he too will not let the NPP walk away with their stolen money?

This is the hidden question in the minds of majority Ghanaians and I wish John Mahama, in his “Thank You Tour”, will take that opportunity to answer those questions. Majority of Ghanaians want John Mahama to start talking like an opposition leader and not like a former President.

Some NDC folks are saying Dr. Bawumiah’s use of the Chief Imam in politics shows how desperate he is for power. Why shouldn’t John Dramani Mahama also be that desperate? The elections in 2024 will not be for the children and the cowards.

I am per this article reminding John Mahama (JM) that Ghanaians will be highly disappointed if majority of the people in this government are not put before the law to answer how they got some money and how they spent the money.

John Mahama should by now be looking for a tough, radical and ruthless Attorney General and an IGP, who will meet the expectation of Ghanaians. Ghanaians have just one expectation: Jail all those criminals including the President and his Vice.

Ghanaians are looking for the best person to fix the country and if they are giving John Mahama another opportunity in 2024, he should start telling us in tough language, how he will not disappoint us. The era of “father for all” and “Mr. Nice-man” are over.

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Mahama beba
Dr. Lawrence is the Chairman of Friends of John Dramani Mahama (North America)

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