The favourite son of the President & Member of Parliament for Sisaala East: The luckiest constituency in Ghana

The Sisaala East has been the luckiest constituency in Ghana not because we have received the biggest part of the national cake but because the favourite son of the president of Ghana is from this constituency. Thus, he became deputy minister of the Upper West in 2017-2020, MP & Deputy Minister for Sanitation and water resources in 2021. Such Grace!

As the favourite son, it’s only befitting that he is able to get the best part when the president shares the national cake. Additionally, it is also the case that he has the good ear of the president. Thus, automatically, getting him anything he asks for.

As a constituent of the Sisaala East, I can only stress how lucky we are in this position and encourage that the privileged position be used generously to the benefit of not only the Sisaala East, but the Sisaala land at large.

Here is what I hope we can benefit as my MP is the favourite son of the president, thus making Sisaala East the luckiest constituency for that matter:

  1. Lobby to fast track the confirmation of the MCE so that we can access our common fund, if there’s any, for developmental projects and to enable the assembly and the assembly members carry out their responsibilities as this has been the first time in the 4th Republic that appointment of MCE’s have taken too long.
  2. Lobby for top positions for many Sisaala’s (Sisaala East) by collaborating especially with member of council of state & Paramount chief of the Tumu traditional area & the former MP, who is now a board member of GNPC & board chair of Ghana Heavy Equipments. Having a couple of Sisaala’s occupying top positions in state institutions comes with enormous benefits not only to the individual but also to their respective constituencies.
  3. Lobby central government for that matter, the President to fast track the establishment of a Municipal hospital since the president has already promised us one.
  4. Lobby for the fixing of our roads to be fast tracked as the Sisaala East has the worse roads network in Ghana. A followup could also be made on the state of the 12m Sisaala East Town roads project. Same can also be done for the €34m EU access farm roads contract since the government has designated this year as the year of roads. These two roads project could really help the Sisaala East, by extension, the Sisaala enclave.
  5. Government has recently received an SDR $1bn post covid-19 bailout funds. Maybe part of it could be used as loan to fix the Sisaala roads.
  6. Lobby the government for a number of good sources of drinking water & Some Educational infrustructure in addition to the one’s provided recently.
  7. Lobby central government for a fertilizer bagging & storage facility could finally put to rest  the issue of fertilizer shortage with MP’s intervention. The peasant farmers are selling their farmlands because of their inability to purchase agri inputs etc The president through his 1D1F program can put up a facility or assist an existing one in any of the Sisaala land, preferably, Sisaala East to not only make available agro inputs such as fertilizer but to also add value to the cereal produced for exports as the Sisaala land has consistently been the highest producer of maize & other cereal in Ghana according to the Ghana Statistical Service. This could create employment for the youth in the area, increase trade with Neighbouring Burkina Faso, create alot of Entrepreneurs & reduced the dreaded annual shortage of fertilizer in the area etc its a win-win situation.

The early bird they say catches the early worm. I hope that my affable MP with his privileged position will consider these suggestions in seeking to contribute his quota to the development of the Sisaala East.

Yours in truth,
Chief Bukari Kuoru.
Stadium Residential Area
Hse No. F65

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