Violence Extremism: Women, Youth Urged to Report Any Suspicious Act

In recent times, the West African sub-region has been experiencing extremist attacks which results in women and children becoming casualties.

These attacks have the tendency to destablize the state if not properly check and address.

Due to this, Network for Peace and Stability for Women in the Ecowas Space – Ghana (NOPSWECO – GH) is calling on the Ghanaian women and youth to report any kinds of suspicious activities to the security agencies immediately.

Speaking at the back stage of it’s maiden press conference held in Accra on Tuesday 31st August, 2021, the President of NOPSWECO – GH, Madam Euphemia Akos Dzathor cautioned women to be warry of any suspicion activities in their communities.

She said the rising violence extremism in the neighboring countries like Burkina Faso, Mali, Nigeria, Niger and Kenya calls for serious concerns in Ghana.

According to her, women need to be sensitize on the threats to be able to conscientized their minds on this nefarious activities.

Meanwhile, address journalists during the news conference, Madam Dzathor appealed to the media to help propergate the message to the entire nation.

Adding that NOPSWECO – GH would begin a community outreach aim at equiping women and youth on information to identify any act of violence extremism in their communities.

She therefore called for support from various Civil Society Organisations(CSOs) across the country to fight the menace.


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