Kpobiman – Kutunse New Zongo Chief, Sulemana Amadu Poised To Deliver

The sparkling inauguration of Alhaji Suleimana Amaduad the new Zango Chief of Kpobiman-Kutunse has drew many chiefs and people from far and near to witness the beautiful and peaceful event.

Believing in their ability to rake in more development to the Kpobiman, the Paramount chief of the area, Nii Tetteh Mensah Kootse chose Sarki Sulemana Amadu I, as his new Zango chief for Kpobima – Kutunse Zango.

Chief Sulemana Amadu I, told in an interview after his installation that he intend changing the perception about Zango youth as trouble makers.

For him, the little trouble makers have over shadowed the good deeds of Zango people.

Sariki Amadu explained that it was only in Zango that one could hardly differentiate between a Muslim and a Christian due to the peaceful coexistence among them.

He said different tribes have lived together and became family.

This he said, has championed the peace of the country that earned the name, “the beacon of democracy in Africa”.

Tourching on the youth development agenda, Chief Amadu I, said he has been able to transformed some of them to better their lives while some are undergoing skill training.

For him, his major priority would be to sterm out any criminal activities in the area.

Asked how he was going to do it, Alhaji Amadu said he was going to sit them down and advise them and if that fails, he will then collaborate with the security forces to enforce the laws.

His dealings with the youth over the years tell him that when you approach them with advise and support, they would cooperate.

The youth oriented Sariki Zango outlined number of approaches to develop the youth and their potentials.

One of these include the youth skill centre and scholarships for the needy but brilliant Zango youth who wish to further their education.

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