Kpobiman Celebrates Homowo In Grand Style

The chiefs and the people of Kpobima in the Ga West Municipality of the Greater Accra Region have climaxed this year’s Homowo in a grand style.

Homowo is an annual festival been celebrated by the Gas to apiece their gods on their lands and make sacrifices.

The chief of Kpobima, Nii Tetteh Mensah Kootse during his annual speech to his people reminded them of the need to coexist with the other tribes.

He said, Kpobiman is one of the fastest growing areas in the Municipality and saw the influx of people from different ethnic groups tripling in to settle.

With this, Nii Mensah Kootse and his kingmakers decided to expand the kingdom by installing new chiefs to complements his efforts of developing the areas.

Taking into consideration the large Zango community that sprang up in the last few years in his kingdom, Nii Mensah Kootse saw the need to get Zango chief to help his administration.

Sariki Alhaji Sulemana Amadu I, has been installed as the new Kpobima – Kutunse Zango chief; Manye – Naa Aflowaa Beeshɔ as the new Queen Mother and Blafo – Nii Blafo Tsitsitse as the new palace executioner.

The Paramount chief urged the newly installed chiefs to maintain the dignity of the kingdom and not to use it to the disadvantage of the people they have oversight responsibility on.

He appealed to them to be good ambassadors that would bring developments to the people of the area.

He council that peaceful coexistence is a very important tool in building society, therefore called on all tribes to respect each other and continue to live in peace as one people with common destiny.

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