ECOWAS Was Complicit In The Guinea Political Jpheaval.

The Community Focus Foundation Ghana (CFF-GHANA) and the Democratic Credentials Network (DCN) have observed with utter sadness the troubling political situation in Guinea.

While we join discerning global voices in calling for calm and the restoration of democratic order in that country, we are however unable to keep mute on the complicity of the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) in the political disorder in Guinea. It is regretting to note that ECOWAS has over the years not being proactive in resolving political differences in member countries when the early warning signs are glare. The West African body more often than not sit unconcern and look on when mayhem is being perpetrated against citizens by their leaders.

The question is prior to these instabilities in Mali, Burkina Faso, and Guinea, what proactive measures did ECOWAS took in curbing such unfortunate occurrences? Here in Ghana, a country touted as the citadel of democracy, seven (7) innocent citizens were brutally killed in cold blood during the 2020 election debacle but what sanctions did ECOWAS imposed on the regime to serve as a deterrent?

In fact, it becoming increasingly difficult to really understand the existence and mandate of the sub-regional body. Its actions and inactions overtime is making it look like an ‘insurance block’ which only insulate and protect leaders of West African States to get away with brazen impunity.

We are by this statement calling on ECOWAS, AU and the leadership of the Military Junta to as a matter of urgency take collective action in finding an amicable solution to the political stalemate in Guinea.


Issued on this 7th day of September, 2021@Accra, GHANA.


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