Kwaku Frimpong De Asem Beba!!! Prof. Jane Naana Opoku Cautioned NDC


The running mate of His Excellency John Dramani Mahama, Professor Jane Naana Opoku sounded joyful, looking at the faces of the overly excited NDC members from the various constituencies .

You people are looking so beautiful, I thought I was coming to thank you and also lift your spirit up after the last elections, but the joy in your faces depicts people who believed and know they won an election she said.

She however cautioned those who didn’t work and betrayed the party. The cash they took I am sure is finished. Those who also stood on their grounds and rejected all efforts to bribe them must also walk with their heads up.

Today, lets look at the state of the economy, the 2020 elections must be a lesson for all . Stand by the party at all times and let’s reorganise the party.

For the women, she showered praises to them for the numerous contributions they have done to move the party forward.

She concluded with humour when she said 2024 we must do our best to regain power else Kwaku Frimpong de As3m b3ba.

Kun fa Yakun

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