Americans Turn Kings And Queens In Ghana – Vowed To Unite And Develop Africa

American citizens who have been installed chiefs in Ghana sworn allegiance to develop and unite Africans.

The Americans dressed beautifully in their regalia with spirit high in their new home.

The Overlord of Oblieman, in the Ga West Municipality of the Greater Accra Region, Nii Ayitey Anumle Oyanka I, inducting the new chiefs with their given names, spelt out their meaning and charged them to uphold and respect the oath they sworn.

King Oyanka I, after initiating them into the traditional African kingdom, spelt out to them their responsibility attached to each other’s name.

He reminded them of the two kingdom, Anamase Royal and Oblieman Royal kingdoms would be looking up to them for their progress and development.

Touching on their capabilities as they welcome their new identity and home, the USA Grand Master of Masonic United Nations, Nii Abajafo I, formerly known as Mr. Frederick Lee Mc Henry, said their coming to Africa, Ghana for the first time was the reincarnation of African – American to trace their DNA back in Africa.

He revealed that scientists have proven that Black Americans belongs to Africa and that “we have come home to develop it”.

“The time has come for the power of the people to work and we in America will use all our connections and contact to develop our homeland Ghana and Africa as a whole”, he stated.

The development queen mother of Oblieman, Naa Mansa Adaklu I, popularly known in private life as Gracela Blackstone reiterated the commitment of the newly installed chiefs to bringing more goodies to the two kingdoms to the benefit of its people and the entire nation.

Naa Mansa Adaklu I, was very optimistic of tackling socio-economic redevelopment of the country.

According to her, areas such as agriculture, education, housing and skill training for the youth to be self sufficient has been their top most priorities that would be tackled head on.

Meanwhile, the Dzaasetse of Ga Abola Piam Royal family house, Nii Ayi Ana Kon Teh I, called on all members of Abola family to rally their support behind Nii Ayitey Anumle Oyanka I, to be able to deliver on his good vision for the Ga State.

Nii Dzaasetse Kon Teh I, appealed to the new chief to see to the development of the state and youth empowerment and including exchange of programmes that would offer opportunities for the youth, especially the culture group the opportunity to travel to the United States of America to sell out the beautiful Ga culture to the world.

Other areas he appealed was also the skill development and scholarship for the youth to further their education abroad.

The Abola Dzaasetse urged members of Abola Piam to strengthen unity and take back what belong to them.

He warned those self styled Ga Mantsemei to desist from imposing title on them since Abola Piam, the king makers of the Ga State has not confired any title on any of them.

He further appealed to the Greater Accra Regional House of Chiefs to deal assiduously and give fair judgement on the case before it for the peace and development of the Ga state.

The induction ceremony marks the beginning of journey to prosperity and life changing programmes that will help bring development to the Abola Piam and Anamase Councils respectively.

Hon Fredrick Lee Mchenry will be known as Nii Abajafo I, the Grand Abassador for Abola Piam and Anamase Royal Alliance Council (A.R.A.C); Hon. Saquane Milton is now called Nii Aleenor I, Ambassador of Abola Piam and A.R.A.C, Stacey Lee Allen new name is Nii Afeeomomo 1, Abola Piam and A.R.A.C.

There rest including Luke Solomon Staint Axum who was give the name, Nii Tesaa 1, abassador of entertainment for Abola Piam and A.R.A.C, Hon. Michael Sheffield as Nii kenkeefior 1, Minister of Finance Abola Piam and A.R.A.C and Anya Mcherny Asafoanye Nkeleele.

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