Aminu is Still Not Welcomed Here -Zongo Youth Group Threatens

A Nima based youth group known as the Zongo Jihadist , has threatened to punish a self styled gay rights advocate by name Muhammed Aminu who is currently at large.

The Group also warned that it will henceforth not entertain any act of immorality within the Nima community and its environs ,particularly amongst the youth.

It further sounded strong warnings to all persons of Lesbianism,Gays,Bisexual and Transgender ( LGBTQ) orientation to desist from their immoral and shameful acts before the group descend on them.

The Jihadist maintained that , the self styled LGBTQ advocate ,one ,Muhammed Aminu and his cohorts who are currently on the run remain on their wanted list and are still not welcomed to the Nima community.

According to the group, Aminu ,a known tailor by profession even though is not a homosexual but incurred their wrath when he tried to defend his three gay friends whom he claimed were his clients, some years ago at Nima, a suburb of Accra.

Aminu Muhammed is known for his strong opposition to how people of homosexual orientations were discriminated against in the country. He has on many occasions spoken against the violent attacks and torturing of gays within the Nima community by anti gay youth groups.

Mr.Sani Sulemana Seidu, a leading member of the Zongo Jihadist group made these known to this reporter at the side-lines of a sensitization program organised at Kusuntu Lane, a suburb of Nima , in the Ayawaso East Metropolis of the Greater Accra region.

The program was to among others to create awareness on the rise in LGBTQ activities among the youth in the Zongos as well as its negative impacts and to find ways of curbing the canker.

On why is Aminu still on their wanted list even though he was chased out of the town some few years back, Mr. Sulemana pointed out that gay practice is a great sin against God and for that matter Aminu’s actions were also wrong which must be condemned to serve as deterrent to others.

Why must our own brother go to the defence of gay practitioners just because they were your clients in your tailoring job, he questioned. He is simply given gays the power to operate and spoil our children who are our future leaders.

He mentioned that gay practice is abominable and shameful which must not be allowed to gain prominence amongst the people especially within the Zongo communities of Ghana . God is against same sex marriage and if we do not want His wrath on us as a nation and people , then let us all rise up to fight and eliminate gay practice in our communities.

Our youth are been coerced into accepting this shameful acts of homosexuality all in the name of human rights but that must not be accepted by the people. It is therefore our duty as a youth group to rise to the occasion to crash both practitioners of this shameful practice and their purported supporters and advocates in the country.

Mr. Sulemana extended a call to other non Muslim youth groups to join hands with them in the fight against homosexuality as well as other social vices amongst the youth. He stated categorically that their main target is the youth especially those in second cycle institutions who are mostly introduced into the practice by colleagues through the influence of money.

According to the group, any person found to be an LGBTQ person or its advocate in the Zongos shall be seriously dealt with in accordance to the Ghanaian and Islamic laws.

He bemoaned the fast pace at which the Ghanaian youth particularly those from the Zongos are becoming same sex lovers despite the practice been frowned upon by the African culture.

He mentioned that the group and its affiliates would not allow the abominable practice which is alien to the African cultural believes to gain prominence in the Zongo communities and Ghana , at large.

Mr. Seidu disclosed that his outfit is ever ready to fight and eliminate the spread of the practice amongst the youth in particular. “ We shall therefore crash anyone found to he an LGBTQ practitioner or supports the diabolic act to thrive “ he threatened.

Mr. Seidu further admonished persons who are engaged into gay practice to desist from that shameful practice else incur their full wrath.

The Zongo Jihadists is a youth group set up to curb all forms of immoral activities within the Zongos and other communities in the country. It is affiliated to other bodies fighting social vices such as LGBTQ, armed robberies, prostitution, smoking and alcoholic drinking amongst the youth.

The Group is widely known for its total opposition and fight against Lesbianism, Gay, Bisexuality, Transgender ( LGBTQ) persons and supporters in Ghana ,particularly amongst the Zongo youth.

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