REJOINDER: Nungua Mantse, Dzaasetse In Land Theft

The attention of the Nungua Traditional Council has been drawn to a publication captioned as above and carried by the 15th September, 2021 by, and wishes to correct the wrong impression the story seeks to create.

It is rather unfortunate that the writer seeks to tarnish the hard won reputation of King Odaifii Welentsi III and his Dzaasetse, Nii Botwe Laryea II in a land dispute involving Alhaji Sulley Salifu at Lashibi in the Greater Accra Region.

Over the years, contribution of chiefs in the management of land disputes cannot be overemphasized.

The records of their contributions replete with kinds of support, ranging from buildings, and allocation of lands to individuals and institutions for a better society.

The NunguaTraditional Council will continue to collaborate with stakeholders to deliver on its mandate without any let or hinderance, and it will continue to tap into this wealth of support for as long as it would serve the common good of the people, and would not compromise its efficiency, or create any conflict of interest.

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