Nii Kenkeenfior Suspended For 3-Years For Disrespectful And Misconduct

Nii Kenkeenfior, a member of the Tunnma We Royal Dynasty and Anamase Royal Alliance Council has been slapped with three (3) years suspension for misconduct ing himself and bringing the names of the royal into disrepute.

The Ananase Royal Alliance Council, Tunnmaa We Royal Dynasty of the GA State led by the Overload of Oblieman, Nii Ayitey Anumle Oyanka I, have endorsed the suspension following numerous complaints filed against him.

According to the letter cited by this portal, his suspension has to do with the recent posting of videos and pictures on social media dragging the name USCPB Bank in the mood without permission or proper authorisation.

Nii Kenkeenfior has also been asked to return all Royal Crowns in his possession immediately.

The letter also stated that his suspension takes effect from 7th of October 2021 to 8th October 2024.

Read the Full Letter Below:

Royal Councils Suspends Nii Kenkeenfior Pending Official Revocation.

This letter constitutes official notice of your suspension from Tunnmaa We Royal Dynasty of the GA State and Anamase Royal AllianceCouncil for (3) years because of your misconduct involving the recent posting of videos and pictures on social media dragging the name of USCPB bank in the mood without permission or proper authorisation.

The effective dates of your suspension are 7th October 2021 through  8th  October 2024, inclusive and you are expected to report and submit or your Royal Crown was given to you by the King.

This action follows an investigation by Disciplinary Committee Department after. YouTube video was circulating on Social media regarding USCPB and Nibiru Freedom Bank.

This Development has nothing to do with the Kingdom and Council and does not also Bear the permission of USCPB. 

Specifically, You are to retract and apologies within 7 days on of receiving this letter to USCPB and the Royal Councils for your unprofessional and risky behaviour or social media. You are also to pull down all videos, pictures and recordings on Social media regarding USCPB with immediate effect.

In both the investigative and pre‑disciplinary meetings, where you were defended by myself overcharges and allegations made and reported against you by some of Council Traditional members.

The recent posting of  Utube videos circulating on Social media with unpleasant calls to USCPB  denied you the right to have the council reconsider your revocation which was rescinded earlier by the Council.

You had no explanation for the observation or the fact that two co‑workers and yourself was seen using USCPB without permission noted a strong effect on both USCPB and the Kingdom.

As a Royal Traditional council, our work requires that people comport them selfs well to uphold and defend the various institutions and organisations or trust they working for. 

Your attitude is prohibited and a violation of this basic rule is considered a serious violation.

As you know, this prohibition is specifically referenced in our work rules (letter A) and in regulation 5‑240‑1 (c) (10) of the Department of Administrative Services which lists causes for dismissal.

A second offence of this nature will lead to more serious disciplinary action at the level of dismissal.

I wish to reiterate the consideration that was made in our last meeting on 5 October 2021 the decision to Rescind your revocation, that you utilize the confidential resources of the employee, trustee or connection’ introducing the Kingdom to USCPB and also the fact that there was a father and son relationship between your self and USCPB owner and some personal grudges with members of the Royal Council.

King Ayitey Anumle Oyanka I
President and Chairman of Anamase Royal Alliance Council and Abola Piam Royal Council.

cc: Anamase Royal Alliance Council, Abola Piam Royal Council, USCPB 

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