Akuffo Addo’s Minister In Land Grabbing Spree- Unleash State Securities, Landguards To Terrorize Victims

The property owning democracy under the Nana Akuffo Addo / Bawumia government is unabated as government appointees using force or foul means to grab more properties before the end of their tenure.

The Minister of Lands and Natural Resources, Samuel Abu Jinapor has been accused of using the Police and Land-guards to go after people’s prime lands at Cantonment and Lanone areas in the Greater Accra Region.

An identified notorious land-guard called Clement Dzato led a groups of young  men who were heavily protected by armed police  men, and claimed they were sent by the Land Minister, Mr. Abu Jinapor to protect the parcel of land near the American Ambassy at Cantonment.

The owner of the land has a  private security company, Corporate Protection Security (CPS), offering protection to prevent encroachers

However,  Minister Jinapor’s Land-guards with the support of the police vandalised the gate to the land with force, when the CPS officers denied them access to the property.

The minister who was desperate to grab the land at all cost, sent his men there again this time to sack the private security personnel so that they will  protect the land for him with intention to start construction immediately.

The Akuffo Addo’s darling boy, Samuel Abu Jinapor was cited to have carried out similar land grabbing actions at Labone recently.

Below is the full statement CPS issued:

Over the past five years, corporate protection security, CPS has been contracted by one of our clients to protect a parcel of land at a location opposite Hotel Midindi and close to the embassy of the United State of American in cantonments.

In the course of the period, we have had a number of people come to the land claiming ownership.

However, upon showing them our client’s documentation of ownership, all of these people have left without returning to the said piece of land.

On 26th October, 2021 at about 1:00pm, we received a call from our guards on the land that some policemen have come to the land in the company of a notorious land-guard by name Clement Dzato authorizing them(the guard) to vacate their post.

They also said Dzato and his land-guards together with the police destroyed the main gate to the property.

The CEO of CPS then called Mr. Dzato to ascertain from him what their mission was on our client’s property and why they are causing damage to a property which does not belong to them.

Mr. Dzato in his response said he was acting on the instructions of the minister of lands and natural resources, Hon. Samuel Abu Jinapor and that our client should contact the minister.

Upon further arguments Dzato and his men left.
At around 8:00 pm however, Dzato return with his land-guards heavily protected by a police patrol team and once again claim they were sent by the minister, Mr. Abu Jinapor.

Our guards however denied them access to the property.
Interestingly, Dzato and Jinapor have not been able to produce any document of ownership for this land in question.

Corporate protection security wishes to bring to the attention of the Ghanaian population that some high profile persons in this country are taking advantage of their positions and engaging in social immoralities and injustices that eventually affects the ordinary citizen in the society.

As a private security company, we have encountered quite a number of these instances especially in the cantonments/East Legon area as well as other areas in La where Mr. Jinapor and Clement Dzato’s names have featured prominently.

One of such cases where we believe Mr. Jinapor is complicit is a parcel of land at Labone (opposite Didipa Restaurant) where government machinery is being abused to deny an ordinary citizen his property.
We therefore call on Mr. President to call his men to order and play fairly without abusing the powers he has given to them. It is high time people are called to accountability and the ordinary citizen aliowed to enjoy the freedoms and liberties guaranteed in our constitution.

Thank you. Jeffrey Tetteh Managing Director (0204500050)
P. O. Box NT 606, New Town, Office Lines: 0205500050/ 0204500050 / 0203500050 / 0206500050 Email: info@cpssecuritygh.com / support@cpssecuritygh.com Website: www.cpssecuritygh.com

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