Fire Gut Caprice Motor Bike Shops

Fire gutted Motor bike shops at Caprice within the Ayawaso Central Municipality of the Greater Accra Region.

The ravaging fire burnt down unspecified number of motor bikes and other valuable items lost.

The burnt motor bikes runs into millions of ghana cedis due to the market values of the lost items.

According to some eye-witnesses at the scene, the fire guted closed to 40 new motor bikes.

The eyewitness narated that the fire started at around 4:30am on Sunday for close to an hours before Ghana National Fire Service, GNFS arrived to bring the situation under control.

The swiftness of GNFS curtail the fire so fast that it could not excalate to either sides of other shops and yards where huge number of motor bikes are packed.

The devastated motor bike dealers even though thanked God there were no casualties, called for support from from the government and corporate bodies.

Story By: Gator Edudzi Amenuveve

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