Political Parties Must Join Hands In Promoting Good Governance – King Oyanka

Nii Ayitey Anumle Oyanka I, the Overland of Oblieman near Sarpeiman in the Ga West Municipality of the Greater Accra Region, has called on the opposition political parties in Ghana to to join hands in promoting good governance in the country.

According to Nii Oblieman who doubled as the Chairman for Anamase Royal Alliance Council also stated that the reason ruling party is voted out of power was based on poor performance; especially when that party failed woefully to honour its mouth-watering promises.

In a statement issued in Accra on Friday, Nii Oyanka suggested that the opposition parties must always allow the newly elected party enough time within its 4-year term the needed space to execute its fiscal policies.

He opined that the opposition parties should not become advisors and decision makers for the ruling party; they try to counter everything the government proposes for a better future of the country.

Nii Oyanka I, posited that a strong and fruitful economy could be created only when opposition parties allowed the ruling government free hands to operate without interruption in building the economy within the mandated term.

To him, the current parliament where the members of the house are equally divided with the Speaker coming from the opposition, would not allow the ruling party introduce favourable taxes its deemed necessary to raise revenue to run the state.

The Chairman of Human Rights Council for Africa and Ghana, Nii Oyanka I, believes that one-party governance is more stable than coalition governments of majority and minority governance.

To him, ruling party could only succeed with introduction of new taxes or fiscal policies when it has full majoritymembers of Parliament to transform the state.

Nii Oyank I, added that Economic growth and political stability are interconnected. On the one hand, the uncertainty associated with an unstable political environment may reduce investment and the pace of economic transformation.

He alluded the poor economic performance of the ruling party to stiff opposition leading to the collapse of government and political unrest.

“However, political stability can be achieved by having opposition political parties that should not have to compete to be re-elected or elected”, he added.

The chairman of Anamase Royal Alliance Council and Abola Piam Royal Council intimated in his statement that political stability is a double edged sword; “while the political stability offers peaceful environment, it could easily become a breeding grounds for cronyism with impunity”. 

“Many seek changes in all the economic sectors – politics, business, culture etc. in order to have a brighter future through better opportunities, although that, changes at times is risky, yet it is necessary. Political stability can breed complacency and economic stagnation, Nii Oyanka I”, noted. 

Political stability, according to him, refers to lack of real competition for the governing elite.

The Ga chief further argued that the principles of competition do not only rest with political, competition can be applied in areas like education, business, innovation and even in arts, he noted.

A ‘politically stable’ system enforces stringent barriers to personal freedoms; similarly, other freedoms like freedom of press, freedom of religion and other social facilities (access to the internet), and political dissent are also truncated. 

Source: thealhajj.com

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