Don’t Increase Or Introduce new Taxes Without Cutting Down Wasteful Spending – Peter Bismark

The biggest challenge to enhancing service delivery is to marry the formal laws and how strictly these are being applied at a time when public spending is becoming a larger share of funding for services.

Government is requesting GH137 billion in the 2022 budget. These monies are to be used to pay salaries for service delivery and building more infrastructures to enhance service delivery. The rest would go into interest payments on loans and for other statutory importance.

In a situation where the these monies are paid and there hasn’t been any solid improvement in government’s service delivery architecture, we will term this as wasteful expenditure.

If the Auditor General’s Report is consistently finding maladministrative challenges and mismanagement of public funds without due process shows how taxpayers contributions are annually going waste.

It’s therefore important not to increase or introduce new taxes without cutting down wasteful spending. It’s not about how huge a budget is to ensuring efficiency but doing more with less with taxes will build confidence and trust among Ghanaian citizens.


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